Research Tutorials

The University Library’s self-paced online video tutorials provide on-demand research instruction for students. Need help with the fundamentals of college level research, from constructing effective search strategies to figuring out what the heck a scholarly journal is? Then try our EZ Research tutorial or our more in-depth Research 101 tutorials. For brief overviews on finding books in our library, accessing books that our library doesn’t own, and searching for articles using Academic Search Premier (a great database for researching many different topics!), try one or more of our Finding Books & Articles tutorials. And if you want to know more about how you can connect Google Books, Google Scholar, and Zotero with the library to maximize your research and quickly organize and cite your sources, scroll down to our tutorials focusing on Online Research Tools. For subject-specific research tips and information, please visit our Research Guides.

Online Research Tools

Got suggestions for additional tutorials that would help you with your research? Contact Christy Stevens.