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eLearning Newsletter: Winter 2012

Director's Note

Dear Cal Poly Pomona faculty and staff, on behalf of the eLearning team, I would like to extend warm wishes to you for a wonderful Spring quarter. This newsletter will provide a snapshot of the activities that eLearning is engaged in this quarter, and will give you an insight on some of the existing and new services and support provided by eLearning.

We are conveniently located on the second floor of the library (Room 2334) and can be reached via email ( or by calling 909-869-3099.

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Bedan Kamau

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April McKettrick

Jason Beers

Bo Yeun S. Choi

Pauline Salim Muljana

Technology News


New Modules in Blackboard. Two new modules have been introduced to the "My Blackboard" tab, which is the first page that appears after logging in. The Affordable Learning Initiative module gives a brief introduction and a list of helpful links to the campaign at Cal Poly Pomona that is meant to combat the growing cost of textbooks. The Research @ Your Library module provides Blackboard users with quick and easy access to several Library resources, including links to finding materials, a new user's guide, video tutorials, contact information, and FAQ.

McGraw-Hill Connect Building Block. During the winter quarterly maintenance the new McGraw-Hill Connect building block was enabled. Faculty that have been using McGraw-Hill Connect outside of Blackboard independently, can now pair their courses from Blackboard to McGraw-Hill Connect creating a seamless link, enabling their students to access all of the McGraw-Hill Connect materials through Blackboard.

screenshot of Research @ Your Library modulescreenshot of Affordable Learning Initiative module



Collaborate (Video Conferencing)

As mentioned in our Winter 2012 newsletter, we have upgraded to a new version of Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate) which provides an array of new features including advanced audio and video collaboration options.

Please click on the following link to review details on the new features:

Click on the following link to review training resources for Blackboard Collaborate version 11:



Echo 360 (Lecture Capture)

eLearning is proud to offer workshops, support, and assistance to faculty who wish to capture (archive) their classroom lectures. Echo 360 is a fully automated lecture capture technology that enables faculty to seamlessly record and archive their lectures. The archived sessions are made available to the instructor in form of a web URL that they may post on their course site, optionally the URL may automatically be placed on Blackboard for students to preview and review the materials on demand. The streaming archived lectures contain synchronized audio, video, and slides (or web resources) displayed in the course allowing for students to navigate through the content at their pace.



eLearning News
eLearning logo

Introducing the New eLearning Logo

The new eLearning logo scheduled to be launched in Fall 2012 quarter reflects our philosophy on environmentally conscious teaching and learning techniques. At eLearning, we encourage faculty, staff, and students to expand their approach to teaching and learning by effectually utilizing technology. The leaf sprout icon in the center represents the Campus Climate Commitment and green initiative where eLearning encourages faculty and staff to adopt online and hybrid instructional modes of course delivery with paperless handouts, e-texts, and other cost and environment-saving options.

According to the NMC 2012 Horizon Report for Higher Education, wireless and mobile applications and devices will be at the forefront over the next few years. The wireless waves in the logo represent connectivity between the campus community and technology at Cal Poly Pomona. The highlight on the top left of the logo represents the horizon line that reflects new technology and advancements. The typeface ITC Souvenir Greek Light was chosen to complement the logo providing a similar treatment between the serifs and the logo, the aesthetically pleasing negative space, and the geometric nature of each letter's shape. The color of the logo is logo green, one of the official University colors for Cal Poly Pomona. A subtle gradient is applied to the eLearning text to give the illusion of a light source.



Proctored Testing Facility for Online and Hybrid Courses

In collaboration with I&IT, eLearning will be piloting a proctored testing facility dedicated to faculty who are teaching online and hybrid courses and wish to partner with eLearning in the pilot program. During the pilot, faculty will be able to reserve in advance, and send students to the on-campus proctored testing facility. Students will be able to take online exams in a proctored lab environment at this location. For more information, please contact or



Workshops and Webinars

Last quarter in collaboration with the Faculty Center for Professional Development, eLearning began offering newly structured collaborative workshop sessions. The workshops are led by Cal Poly Pomona expert faculty who focus on the pedagogical aspects of various technologies and tools; while the Instructional Designers at eLearning focus on the technical aspects of using these technologies in the online, hybrid, or the traditional classroom.

The workshops were received very well by faculty and therefore, eLearning shall continue to host these workshops in the Fall quarter.

Click on the link below to review our workshop calendar and register for upcoming events and workshops:

If you would like us to offer specific workshops, or if you would like to receive training on any particular area, please contact us at



eText Pilot coming to Cal Poly Pomona, Fall 2012

Cal Poly Pomona has been invited to join a pilot for Fall of 2012 which is being provided through a collaboration between Educause and Internet2. Only 50 institutions are being selected to participate in this pilot. The pilot has been designed to benefit students in selected courses by providing eTexts at no charge to students for the Fall 2012 quarter for roughly 20 sections or 800 students, depending on the participation for this pilot. This is an exciting opportunity for the University to participate in a program that will influence digital educational resources such as eTexts, website tutorials, and other licensed content. For Cal Poly Pomona, this is also strategic to the mission of the university, aligning with the Affordable Learning and the Climate Commitment Initiatives.



CSU Symposium

eLearning CSU Symposium poster Dr. Hoeling and Josh Zeeman's Symposium poster

eLearning and the Library collaborated to present a poster at the 15th Annual CSU Symposium on University Teaching that was held on April 14th, 2012 at the Bronco Student Center at Cal Poly Pomona. The poster focused on the support that eLearning provides to Cal Poly faculty and staff through integration of pedagogy, resources, and faculty recognition through various programs.

eLearning team member, Erick Zelaya, also participated in a poster presentation with Dr. Barbara Hoeling and graduating Baccalaureate senior Joshua Zeeman. The poster was titled "Changing the Way We Teach: Integrating Online with Face-to-Face Instruction in a College Physics Course." The poster highlighted student learning results and opinions from Dr. Hoeling's physics class on refraction and lenses where student performance had increased drastically after they had gone through her online optics modules that eLearning was instrumental in developing. The poster presented Dr. Hoeling's survey results: 84% of students indicated that studying the Online Optics Modules was more interesting than reading the corresponding chapters in the textbook. Dr. Hoeling's modules were lauded by fellow faculty members and attendees at the Symposium. Arizona State University's Dr. Jane Jackson noted the modules to be "enjoyable"; Dr. Jackson shared the modules through the physics modeling list-serv that is comprised of approximately 2600 subscribers.





Cal Poly Pomona hosted the first "Polyteach": Technology and the Innovative University" event on April 13th, 2012 at the Bronco Student Center. Renowned educators Chuck Dziuban and Candace Thille were the keynote presenters at the event. Polyteach focused on the usage and issues related to technology in the face-to-face, online, and hybrid classrooms.

The eLearning team led a breakout discussion titled "The Role of Technology and Online Teaching in Higher Education" that was well attended by participants. Additionally, eLearning team member, Bo (Soh) Choi set up an Adobe Connect meeting room, which provided a seamless connection to the keynote speaker, Candace Thille, who had missed her flight and could not make it to the event. The web conferencing solution enabled Ms. Thille to deliver an interactive, audio-visual presentation and engage directly with the audience in a discussion, as well as answer their questions.



Wall of Cool Speaker Series

Wall of COOL Speaker Series

On Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 Dr. Lin Wu was our distinguished Wall of COOL lecture presenter. The topic of her presentation was: "Developing collaborative learning activities for a completely online GE course". The presentation was attended by Cal Poly faculty and staff, and was followed by a thought-provoking Q&A session with Dr. Wu.

The next speaker in our Wall of Cool Speaker Series will be Dr. Anne Wohlcke. Dr. Wohlcke's presentation will feature her use of Augmented Reality in the classroom. Please join us for the presentation to be held in the University Library Information Literacy Room #2913 on Tuesday, May 22nd from 12pm to 1pm. Click here to register for the presentation.



Cats 2012

CATS Virtual Conference

On Friday May 4th, 2012, Jason Beers, one of eLearning's instructional designers will be presenting an online session on Augmented Reality at this year's CATS online conference. This session will demonstrate two projects created with faculty for history classes as well as give an overview of Layer and explore how it can be used to create Augmented Reality experiences on mobile devices, including the use of 3D models, audio, and video.

There is still time to registered for the online workshop, please click on the following link:



Engaging the Digital Student Initiative (EDSI)

eLearning, in collaboration with the Faculty Center for Professional Development will be hosting the 2012 summer institute titled "Engaging the Digital Student Initiative". Faculty members from five colleges will be engaged in a 4-day institute, with the goal to transform their current face-to-face courses to the online or hybrid environment.



QR Code to the CDK

Course Design Kit

eLearning has developed a Course Design Kit that provides faculty the essential outline for developing an effective online or hybrid course. To review and download the eLearning Course Design Kit please click on the following URL:

or you may scan the QR code on the right with your mobile device*.

*Here are some recommended QR scanning apps.
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Faculty Survey

Help us help you. Please take the eLearning faculty survey.



Results From Last eLearning Survey

Here are some interesting findings from our Winter 2012 survey:

  1. On eLearning services utilized by faculty:
    Of the faculty who responded:
    • 83.3% indicated that they either attended workshops or training sessions at eLearning.
    • 75% indicated that they received support from an Instructional Designer via email, phone, or face-to-face.
    • 75% indicated that they received support through Studio 6 either by phone, email, or face-to-face.
    • 50% indicated that they had attended a summer/winter institute.
    • 41% indicated that they had received support through their college liaison.
    • 25% indicated that they had developed multimedia learning objects with the help of an eLearning multimedia developer

  2. What method of training and support do faculty prefer:
    • Step-by-step printable, instructional documents posted on the web, and Tutorial videos posted on the web, were ranked the highest. Online workshops using Adobe Connect/Blackboard Collaborate, Scheduled workshops open to all faculty were ranked the second highest. Which were followed by one-on-one training sessions and scheduled workshops for a select group of faculty.