Dr. Yan Liu Awarded RSCA Funding

Dr. Yan Liu, Assistant Professor in Analytical Chemistry, was awarded a RSCA mini-grant for $5,000 to develop a method for quantitation and stability of allicin in garlic extracts.  He was also successful in obtaining additional funding of $5,000 to support students working in his lab.  Congratulations to Dr. Liu!


Local High School AP Chemistry Students Come to Cal Poly

Excitement was high as students from local high schools, Centennial and Corona High, ran experiments under the direction of Dr. Ed Walton and Joelle Opotowsky here on campus in our labs. Students measured the amount of oxygen released from the decomposition of potassium chlorate in rock samples from various locations across the United States and explored how biodiesel fuel is produced.  


Annual College of Science Staff Award to Sandra Gutierrez-Magallanez

Sandra Gutierrez-Magallanez was acknowledged as the winner of the annual staff member of the year in the College of Science.  The award was presented to her at the College of Science's Winter Luncheon on December 17, 2013. Congratulations Sandra!


Article Featuring Dr. Laurie Starkey

Dr. Laurie Starkey, winner of the 2012 Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, was featured in an article in The Poly Post.   Read the article at


SAACS Achievement Acknowledged by ACS

The SAACS student club (Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society) received an “Honorable Mention Chapter Award” from the American Chemical Society for its 2012-13 activities.  The group will be recognized at the 247th ACS National Meeting in Dallas, TX.  Way to go students!!!


Dr. Michael Page Assumes Program Director Role for 2 Student Support Grants

Dr. Michael Page, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, was named program director for a $477K NSF grant entitled “College of Science Scholars Program” and for a $60K grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation entitled “SEES Research and Mentoring Program (S-RaMP)”.  Both awards go to support and engage students in the College of Science, giving them opportunities to participate in research and encouraging them to pursue careers in science.  Dr. Page is well known for his student support efforts having been recently recognized as the College of Science’s Outstanding Advisor for 2012-13.  Congratulations to Dr. Page!


Dr. Peng Sun Joins the Chemistry & Biochemisty Department

Welcome to Dr. Peng Sun who has joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor.  Dr. Sun’s expertise is in the area of electroanalytical chemistry.  To find out more about Dr. Sun’s research interests go to the following link


Department Name Change Now Offficial

We are now called Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.