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Training and Tutorials

Cascade (CMS) Training Materials

A student works on a laptop on campus.

Cascade Server is the content management system that manages the university's website. The Beginning Web Author Training covers the basics in creating pages, uploading images, user roles, navigation and more.

Contact Susan Reese at (909) 979-6344 to schedule in-person Cascade (CMS) training or with questions about this page.

Writing for the Web

Are you writing for the web? This training covers how to produce web content that is (1) well organized, (2) well written and (3) well presented. Topics include accessibility, photo permissions and writing tips.

Cal Poly Pomona has an Editorial Style Guidebook that offers an overview of the university's editorial style for publications, including websites. Examples: Is it spelled web site or website? Are department names capitalized?

Photo and Video Guides

The Image Optimization Guidebook covers how to optimize images to be used in your web page.

If you're planning to use the Cal Poly Pomona logo or colors, be sure to review the Web Graphic Standards.

Additional Resources

Starting Our Organized: Website content planning the right way by Smashing Magazine

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide by Google

Writing for the Web Series by Yahoo!