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Career Opportunities

...With Programs Leading to Many Interesting Careers

The animal science major at Cal Poly has been carefully designed to provide practical livestock exposure balanced with a broad science requirement to qualify students from an urban background for employment in a wide variety of animal-oriented occupations. Options leading to a bachelor of science degree are available in pre-veterinary science, animal management, animal agri-business, animal health science and equine industries. Flexibility in course selection allows students to select species-related courses in horses, swine, sheep, beef cattle and companion animals as well as meat science.

Agricultural Cooperative/Extension Service
Agricultural Commissioner
Agricultural Commodity Grader/Dairy
Agricultural Commodity Grader/Poultry
Agricultural Engineer
Agricultural Inspector
Agricultural Journalist
Agricultural Legislative Aide
Agricultural Loan Officer
Agricultural Products Sales Representative.
Agricultural Recruiting Consultant
Agriculture Research Scientist
Animal Control Officer
Animal Geneticist
Animal Health Technician
Animal Trainer
Artificial Insemination Technician
Attorney at Law/Agriculture
Beef Cattle Association/Bull Test Manager
Bloodstock Agent
Boarding Stable Manager
Breed Association/Performance Programs Personnel
Breed Registry Association Field Representative
Breeding Farm Manager
Clinical Lab. Technologist
Commercial Animal Illustrator
Computer Programmer and Consultant
Dairy Cattle Classifier
Dairy Herd Improvement Association
Dairy Herd Manager
Dairy Market Reporter
Dairy Sanitation Inspector Education
Embryo Transplant Technician
Equine Business Administration
Equine Insurance Agent
Equine Management Consultant
Equine Practitioner
Equine Transportation Services
Fair Manager
Farm and Ranch Real Estate Sales
Farm Manager

Federal Meat Grader
Feed and Grain Broker and Buyer
Feed Distributor
Feed Industry Organization Personnel
Feed Mill Manager
Feed Sales
Feedlot Manager
Fish and Game Warden
Fitting and Showing Services
Food Service Specialist
Food Technologist
Foreign Agricultural Services
Freelance Writer
Horse Show Judge
Horse Show Photographer
Horse Trainer
Hospital Attendant
Humane Society Executive Director
Import/Export Worker
Industry Organizations/Policy
Laboratory Animal Technician
Laying Hen Enterprise Manager
Livestock Auctioneer
Livestock Brand Inspector
Livestock Buyer and Broker
Livestock Enterprise Management
Livestock Judge/Evaluator
Livestock Market News Reporter
Livestock Officer, Food & Agriculture
Organization of the United Nations
Livestock Production Operations
Livestock Promotional Organization
Livestock Technician
Livestock Transportation Services
Management Consultant
Meat and Poultry Inspector
Meat Production Supervisor
Meat Cutter
Media/Advertising and Public
Pedigree Analyst

Poultry Association Personnel
Pharmaceutical Sales
Poultry Fieldman
Poultry Management Consultant
Poultry Market Reporter
Poultry Sales and Distribution
Poultry Technician
Professional Equestrian
Purebred & Commercial Sheep Enterprise Manager
Quality Control/Assurance
Race Horse Trainer
Range Manager
Regulation Compliance Officer
Rehabilitation Specialist/Equine
Research and Development Research Associate
Research Dairy Nutritionist Retail/Wholesale District Manager Riding Instructor
Sales Manager
Serologist/Blood Typing
Sheep Shearer
Swine Management Services Representative
Swine Seed Stock Producer Representative
Swine Test Station Manager
Technician/Livestock Services & Sales
Trade Organization Staff
University Professor
Veterinarian/Large Animal
Veterinarian/Livestock Inspector
Veterinarian/Small Animal
Veterinary Technician
Vocational Agricultural Instructor
Wildlife Biologist
Wildlife Conservation Officer
Wool and Mohair Buyer
Zoo Curator
Zoo Director
Zoo Keeper