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Entry Level Math Test

All entering CSU undergraduates admitted to a CSU campus are required, unless exempt, to take the Entry Level Math Test (ELM).

The ELM is not an admission test. The ELM is a placement test that will enable your CSU campus to find out whether you need remedial courses in mathematics before undertaking college level work requiring these fundamental skills. This is why you must take the ELM before enrollment in the CSU.

ELM Information

Interpretation of Test Scores for Course Placement

Enroll in the following courses when you receive your test scores:

Entry Level Math Test

For students beginning in Summer 2008 or later

ELM Score=Course Placement
0-26 = MAT 010
28-40 = MAT 011
42-48 = MAT 012
50+ = MAT 191, MAT194, and STA 120