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Cal State LA and Cal Poly Pomona
are together offering an internship Program funded by
CIRM Bridges to Stem Cell Research


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Undergraduate Students:  Six-month paid internship in a leading stem cell laboratory at a local research institute or university. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Graduate Students: One year paid internship in a leading stem cell laboratory at a local research institute or university. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION 

Stipend: $2575/Month for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Where: Internship destinations include City of Hope, California Institute of Technology (CalTech), Scripps and University of Southern California (USC)


Our CIRM Bridges to Stem Cell Research Program

The 2009-2012 and the extended 2013-2015 California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) Bridges to Stem Cell Research program is a government funded program aimed to broaden the participation in stem cell research by individuals representing the diversity of California’s population.¬† California State Polytechnic University Pomona (CPP), the home institution, is collaborating with California State University Los Angeles (CSULA), to develop a quality stem cell education program. Their partnering continues an established tradition of collaborating on curriculum development and promoting faculty/student interactions. The program goals will be: 1) to provide comprehensive stem cell training and research opportunities for qualified students; and 2) to give our large, ethnically diverse student populations a basic understanding of stem cell research.

We have commitments for internships in 63 research laboratories at 5 non-profit institutions (California Institute of Technology, City of Hope, The Scripps Research Institute, University of Southern California and Western University of Health Sciences). The internship program will be integrated into the students' undergraduate BS (BS) or graduate (MS) programs. Ten students per year (3 undergraduates and 2 graduate students from each campus) will be selected to participate in the stem cell research internships during the 3 year duration of this grant. Interns will be selected by an Advisory Board composed of faculty and administrators from CPP and CSULA and a representative from each of the four host institutions. The internship duration will be 6 months for BS and 12 months for MS students.

Prospective students must take three upper division courses at CPP or CSULA to obtain an understanding of the principles of molecular and cellular biology, familiarity with molecular manipulation techniques, and experience with basic cell culture techniques. Since both CPP and CSULA have focused on developing cutting-edge molecular and cell biology curriculum, courses covering these topics are already available (details under Graduate Student and Undergraduate Student tabs). Students will be encouraged to enroll in a Stem Cell Biology course at CPP as one of the three upper division courses, available to students from both campuses. This course, taught by a stem cell biologist faculty member, will give students a better understanding of stem cell research as well as laboratory experience with human stem cells. Candidates must earn at least a ‘B’ in all three courses and have a 3.0 GPA. All interns will also participate in a 1-week Stem Cell Techniques Training course at the USC CIRM Shared Research Laboratory prior to starting their internships. The interns will be assigned both a research mentor from the institution in which they will be doing their stem cell research and a CSU faculty mentor to guide them during their internships. Upon completion of their internships, interns will give talks on their research at a CPP/CSULA symposium. To give additional CSU faculty and students the opportunity to become familiar with ongoing stem cell research, the program will host two guest stem cell seminars/Quarter, one at CPP and one at CSULA.

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