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    SEES students are provided personalized advising by Cal Poly Pomona professors. Advisors and students collaborate to develop strategies for academic success; to set academic and career goals; and to develop plans to achieve academic and career goals.

    Academic Excellence Workshops

    Academic Excellence Workshops (AEW) promote excellence in science and mathematics courses. Peer facilitators use the strategy of group interaction to facilitate the mastery of specific course content. AEW participants deepen their understanding of content, improve their technical communication skills and build a community of like-minded conscientious students. More information about Academic Excellence Workshops can be found here.

    Faculty Student Mentoring Program

    Faculty Student Mentoring Program (FSMP) has SEES lower division students being mentored by Cal Poly faculty. This Program enalbes incoming students to benefit from the experience of peers, to learn how to navigate the university bureaucracy and to become knowledgeable about the student services available on campus.

    Orientation Courses

    Success in Science (SCI 110 and 111)is offered during the fall and winter quarters and deals with topics such as time management, stress management, deadlines and regulations, majors in college, and career opportunities. The class takes field trips and hears presentations by science professionals, and participates in outreach activities.

    Study Center

    The study center is an excellent place to meet other SEES students, form study groups, use the computing facilities, or find a quiet place to study. The study center is located in the main SEES office in room 3-2117, and the computer lab is located in 3-2129.