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Cal Poly Pomona Tanzania/Zanzibar Study Abroad Program
Summer 2012: Student Comments

I have an endless list of things that I want to do with my life, and I have this trip and Dr. Reese to thank for. I just want to find that feeling I felt while I was in Tanzania; I want to be in a humble environment and surround myself with beautiful people. My soul felt so happy during this journey. I just want my soul to feel that happy forever.
--Grace Olguin, Sociology Major

This trip changed my life in a way that can never be compared. It opened my eyes, my heart, and my mind to new thoughts, new challenges, and a new personal perception.
--Tiana Teague, Communication Major

This trip was truly life changing and unforgettable. I am so glad I decided to embark on that journey and I am so happy that I developed lifelong friendships. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world.
--Stephanie Stein, Liberal Studies Major

Experiencing a place like Tanzania and Zanzibar was priceless. I have become a more global minded person. I encourage all students to study abroad because it is a great opportunity to learn about another culture and see another side of the world so different from your own home country. The experience is life changing and unforgettable.
--Rochelle Racquel, Kinesiology Major

You’ll experience the diverse mixture of cultures that is the warm friendly peoples. You’ll explore the exotic and unspoiled landscapes and see the abundance of wild animals like nowhere else in the world.
--James Duncan, Civil Engineering Major

Tanzania taught me two things. First is that people who were born into and have never left developed countries take the institutions that are established by their respective governments for granted. Second, is that we as Americans can learn much from the gracious, unassuming life-style that Tanzanian culture embraces.
--Bryce Brady, Political Science Major

It was an experience of a lifetime. It has changed me in so many ways. I can’t wait to go back one of these days.
--Lisa Ngay, Applied Mathematics Major

Traveling to a destination outside of your comfort zone is something you owe to yourself as well as other people of the world. I learned so much about myself by putting myself in situations I never imagined really living. I am forever grateful for my experience and I know now it's not a matter of if I continue to travel, but when.
--Sarah Mendelson, Environmental Geography Major

Adulthood doesn't always come with age, it comes with experience. With this trip I feel that I can be considered more adult than most people. With the knowledge I've gained and the values that I've learned; I have grown exponentially on so many levels. I hope everyone can undergo this wonderful experience as I have.
--Patrick LaBeau, Psychology Major

Every now and then when I’m sitting watching TV or standing in line at the store, I realize that all of that actually did happen. I actually saw the Serengeti, I stood on
Mt. Kilimanjaro, I met amazing people, and I watched in horror as a baboon jumped into our car. There are so many amazing experiences that I had on this trip and I wouldn’t want to change any one of them.
--Breanna Espejo, Animal Science Major

My trip to Tanzania has truly altered my perception of Africa. The outlook on life from my views, values, and beliefs has matured, allowing me to become a more complete compelling person. Good still exists in the world, and the Tanzanian people are the epitome of true champions of character, integrity, and compassion.
–Franbert Calderon, Political Science Major

This was an experience that I needed to grow as an individual, and decide what it is I want from life. Going to Tanzania with my peers was one of the highlights of my life, that's how powerful it was for me. I'd love to return.
--Tiffany McBride, Sociology Major

From this trip to Tanzania, I have become a more confident individual. I feel as if nothing is holding me back from being the person I want to be in life. Everything is within reach and one day I plan to return to Tanzania and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.
--Shawna Lempert, Kinesiology Major

Going to Tanzania was truly a one in a lifetime adventure. This trip has taught me to never underestimate the affect one’s culture and warmth can have on you. I can honestly say the culture and warmth of the Tanzanian people are things I definitely will never forget.
--MaLisa Crowe, Animal Science Major

A truly humbling and mesmerizing trip. I am extremely excited to apply what I have learned to my everyday life.
--Clara Jo King, Biology/Zoology Major

Tanzania was like being in a whole new world, a whole different planet. It was such a great experience getting away from the routine of life back home and just immersing yourself in such a different environment and a different culture. This truly is a life- changing experience and I'm so grateful for having this chance so early in my life. I hope there will be many more chances like this in my life.
--Chris Shargay, Mechanical Engineering Major