Cal Poly Pomona

Seminars for RISE Program

Fall 2009 Seminar Series:

October 30, 2009(4:00pm-6:00pm) in Bldg 4-2-314

“Role of Biomedical Physics in Neurosciences and Medicine”
Dr. Amir Huda, Director, Biomedical Physics Program
Department of Physics
California State University, Fresno

November 20,2009(4:00pm-6:00pm) in Bldg 4-2-314

"What's exciting about smooth muscle cells?"
Mr. Albert Gonzales (Cal Poly Alumnus),Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Biomedical Science
Colorado State University at Ft.Collins

December 4, 2009(4:00pm-6:00pm) in Bldg 4-2-314

“Uncovering the Molecular Basis for the Antioxidant-like
Activity Exerted by the Trace Mineral Manganes”
Dr. Chandra Srinivasan
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
California State University Fullerton

Summer 2009 Seminar Series:

July 17th 2009 (4:00pm-6:00pm) in Bldg 4-1-314

“The problem of antibiotic resistance: new insights in the search for a solution”     
Dr. Marcelo Tolmasky
Department of Biological Science, Cal State Fullerton

July 24th 2009 (4:00pm-6:00pm) in Bldg 4-1-314

“Studying Memory B cells, a grad school experience"                                               
Ms. Griselda Zuccarino-Catania, Ph.D. candidate Yale University                                 
Cal Poly alumna

July 31st 2009 (4:00pm-6:00pm) in Bldg 4-1-314

"WMD: Do hydra use giant viruses to keep algae hostage?”                                       
Dr. Daniel Martinez                                                                                                      
Department of Biology, Pomona College


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