President Emeritus

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Established May 2008
Student Chapter of Roundtable for food Professionals at
The Collins College of Hospitality Management, Cal Poly Pomona

Duties and Obligations:

  • Student lifetime honorary position voted in by 3/4 of the current standing Executive Board at the time of general election.
  • Must have served full-year tenure as Student Chapter President to be considered for the title of President Emeritus.
  • Applicable to attend all RFP Executive Board meetings, General meetings, Hospitality Management Council meetings, and RFP sponsored events and activities.
  • Serves as an advisor to current and future standing Executive Boards.
  • Offers assistance whenever possible to the parent and student organizations whenever possible.

2012 President Emeritus:Tracy Tran :

2012 President Emeritus:Julian Su :

2011 President Emeritus:Jimmy Douglas :

2010 President Emeritus:Ashley J. Cramer:

2009 President Emeritus: Sean M. Van Straatum:

2008 President Emeritus: Michael R. Tom:

-Extended yearly as needed-