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OSRP Services

Faculty and Staff Support

  1. Assist in preparing a budget
  2. Provide guidance on campus approval policies
  3. Assist with identifying and preparing certification and assurance form
  4. Assemble and submit proposal

Provide Information and Search Tools For Faculty and Staff

  1. Broadcast key funding information via email to all faculty and staff when available  as staffing permits
  2. Support "push" technology databases such as Pivot
  3. Interface with Federal Agencies to the benefit of the faculty
  4. Maintain up-to-date funding information on our web site
    1. Encourage contact between the program officer and the faculty member

Administration of Pre-award Actitivites

  1. Review proposals to assure that they are in compliance with Federal and University policies
  2. Review budgets to assure that they are compliant with Federal and University policies
  3. Assemble all required certification and assurance forms; assemble final proposal, and submit
  4. Maintain a database of proposal activities and annual reports
  5. Negotiate contracts with sponsors on behalf of Principal Investigation and the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc.
  6. Contribute to the health of the research enterprise by facilitating the continuous growth of awards and Indirect Cost Recovery.