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Protocol Help

During 2013 the Research Compliance Office implemented an electronic means for processing human subject research protocols, called the eIRB. This page is meant to provide information about that and point out what is new and what is different.  The move to a web-based system (tick@lab) from that of sending e-documents through email to the Compliance Office was made for several reasons including:  1) to compile all protocols in a database, as an archive, 2) to more fully automate the process of handling the submission, review, approval, amending, and renewal of protocols, 3) to enable the creation of teams where groups of investigators can share and see their protocols, and 4) overall increase the security and protections of studies and data associated with human subjects studies.

The Research Compliance Office chose to work with a-tune software AG, a German company known for its protocol and data management capabilities with research animal and pre-clinical studies.  Their product known as tick@lab, which will be seen on eIRB screens and emails, was adapted for Cal Poly Pomona's human studies program.

Please visit the eIRB Checklist to be access the eIRB website.