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Getting Started With a New or Existing Protocol

Getting Started With a New Protocol

Prior to conducting research, investigators (researchers) must:

1.) Navigate through the “Getting Started with a Protocol” tab.

As of August 2014, the IRB office has fully transition to the eIRB system for protocol submission. All the information regarding instructions and submittal are available on this tab.

2.) See the Power Point demonstration for instructions on how to create and navigate the e-IRB.

- How to create an eIRB protocol. 

3.) Request Authentication .

 To gain access to the eIRB, a user must be authenticated, which means the Compliance Office must create an account. Send an email to with details including:

Salutation (PhD,MS, BS, etc.)

First and last name

Bronco ID

Bronco email (csupomona email)

Status (faculty, staff, student, unaffiliated, etc.)


Phone number

Users from outside of Cal Poly Pomona may also authenticate by this method and will need to include with whom they are collaborating.  Users with no Cal Poly Pomona connection, known as unaffiliated PIs, may also authenticate and will need a facilitator to be able to conduct a human research study at Cal Poly Pomona.

4.) Complete CITI training.

All people involved in conducting the research (investigator, advisor, and co-investigators) are required to complete CITI training for approval of your IRB protocol. The following link takes you directly to the CITI web page for coursework on aspects of research with human volunteers. Go to the section on "Continuing Education and Training" for instructions and details as well as other training opportunities.

Human Subjects Training

PI encouragement - In case you feel discouraged by the effort and comments while submitting your IRB protocol for review and approval, this is a reflection by someone who can sympathize with you.

 5) Loggin into the eIRB.

After requesting and receiving an eIRB user ID and password, please visit the eIRB access portal to enter the eIRB Website.

Continuing With an Existing Protocol

If you have already created a protocol on the eIRB and wish to continue working on it, you may access the eIRB website by clicking on this link and entering your user information:

*This does not apply to protocols that were submitted and approved prior to August 2014 through the former hard-copy submittal method. If you wish to make amendments or renew an approved protocol, please email us at Be sure to provide the protocol number in the the email subject and body as "Protocol ##-#### renewal" or "Protocol ##-#### amendment."