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Bronco LogoA trademarked image licensed to the Athletic Department, the Bronco logo is to be used only on publications, sportswear, uniforms, signage and materials associated with athletics. Other campus organizations (other than the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc., and its merchandising designee) are prohibited from using this image in any form. Variances can only come at the expressed written consent of the Athletics Department, the Division of Student Affairs or the Office of Public Affairs.

The use of the Bronco logo does not preclude adherence to the university graphic standards. Publications and other communications must still maintain university identity and correct use of the logo, logotype bar or other graphic elements.

The Bronco logo can appear with or without its logotype. If used in applications 200 percent or more of its original vector file size, it must feature the trademark symbol. This trademark has been added in a special file for large applications.



The minimum size that the Bronco logo can be reproduced is 5/8".



The Bronco logo can be positioned on any side of a page. The Bronco logo should not be used with the university logo in close proximity. Other graphic elements, including the logotype bar or word mark, can be used with the Bronco logo.

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Clear Zone

A clear zone of .5x (or half the height of the Bronco logo) must be maintained. No text or graphic elements can appear in this clear zone.



The Bronco logo appears in a combination of PMS 349 green and black, the equivalent four color process or Web screen values. If a two-color option is not possible, the Bronco logo can appear in PMS 349 green, black or knocked out/white. Other colors or color combinations are not allowed.

Bronco Logo In Two ColorsBronco Logo in Green

Bronco Logo in Black Bronco Logo Knocked Out/White



    • Never replace the Bronco logotype with any other typeset form.
    • The Bronco logo and logotype should not be placed on top of other type or imagery.
    • The Bronco logo should not be positioned at an angle.
    • Never alter, embellish, redraw, distort or screen the Bronco logo.
    • The Bronco logo and university logo should not be shown together or appear in close proximity.
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