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Overview of EOC Team Operational Procedures

EOC Team Members

President and Policy Group, Command Sector, Plans/Intelligence Sector, Operations Sector, Logistics and Finance Sector

Guidelines for Campus Closure

  1. The campus will remain open unless there are unforeseen circumstances that necessitate closing

  2. If considering closing campus, include Police, Public Affairs and Facilities in the discussion

  3. The President/designee, in consultation with the EOC Team will decide if and when the campus will be closed. The President will determine what EOC Team Members shall remain on campus to monitor the situation.

  4. The following factors should be discussed when determining whether the campus will be closed:

      • The safety and security of the community
      • The impact on the educational mission
      • The conditions in the surrounding community
      • The availability of staff to manage the closure
      • The anticipated length of the closure
      • The day of the week
      • The time of day
      • A mandate from the Governor or Chancellor
  5. The President/designee will notify the Police, Facilities and Public Affairs office to implement their respective campus closure plans. (They should be notified prior to notifying the campus - preferably with 30 minutes lead-time.)

  6. EOC Team members will notify their staff of the closure, and designate staff that must remain on campus to assist with the emergency. EOC Team members will contact all their managers and provide specific instructions regarding campus closure. Managers should be instructed to refer to the Manager's Guidelines.

  7. After hours and on weekends/holidays the PD will notify the President and the Policy Group of any emergency situations that may require the closure of the campus. The President/designee will determine the need to close the campus and direct the PD to implement their closure plans. The PD will notify other EOC Team Members and request they respond to the campus as needed to assist with the closure.

  8. When the campus is closed, the President's Office and the Police Department will notify their respective representatives at the Chancellor's Office.

  9. If the campus is closed, designated EOC Team Members will continuously monitor the situation and update the community regularly.

  10. Ensure that you have a designated replacement should you be unable to respond. Provide them with a duplicate of all materials they will need.


Emergency Levels of Activation

Activation Level I: Decentralized Coordination and Direction - activated when circumstances dictate that more than one campus department is required to handle the situation. The Campus E.O.C. facility is not activated and it is not necessary to notify the Chancellor's Office but notification can be made if deemed appropriate by the Policy or Command Team.

Activation Level II: Centralized Coordination and Decentralized Direction - activated when emergency situations require several campus units or agencies from off campus. Key personnel from the E.O.C. Team appropriate to the emergency (as determined by the President) will meet in a central location to provide coordination. The Campus E.O.C. facility is not necessarily activated and it is not necessary to notify the Chancellor's Office but notification can be made if deemed appropriate by the Policy or Command Team.

Activation Level III: Centralized Coordination and Centralized Direction - activated when emergency situations rendering it impossible for the campus to function effectively. In this situation, the campus E.O.C. will be activated and all activities will be accomplished from the Campus E.O.C. The Chancellor's Office shall be notified of an activation of this level.



Depending on day or week and time of day the following are key areas that may need special notifications/accommodations:

    • I-Poly (500 students)
    • University Housing
    • Animal Lab
    • 24-hour computer labs
    • Agriculture Residences
    • Athletics
    • Kellogg West - Hotel and Restaurant
    • Los Olivos
    • Designated experiments
    • Library (Nights and Weekends)
    • Manor House
    • Lease of Facilities
    • Kellogg House
    • Construction Sites
    • Elevators
    • Animals
    • IDC (Active 24 hrs./day)
    • Collins Center