Cal Poly Pomona

Emergency Communication Resources

In the event of an emergency, Cal Poly Pomona will provide crucial information as quickly as the situation allows. Information will be distributed through a variety of sources including:

  • Safety Alert System

  • The Safety Alert System is an emergency messaging system that can send alerts to phones, e-mail addresses, text/SMS and TTY/TDD devices. It will be used only for emergency communication purposes.
  • The Safety Alert System also sends desktop alerts to campus-owned computers through AlertUs Desktop Notifications. Full-screen emergency messages will take over campus-owned computers that are active. Exit the screen by clicking the "Acknowledge" button.
  • University E-mail

  • E-mail to your account is the official communication vehicle for the university.

  • Cal Poly Pomona Home Page

  • Urgent notifications will be placed on the university homepage. (available at
  • PolyCentric Online News

  • PolyCentric is Cal Poly Pomona's first completely online news publication features up-to-the-minute breaking news, announcements of campus events, spotlight on various departments, and faculty and staff resources. (available at

  • Emergency Hotline

  • Information and updates will be provided on the university's Emergency Hotline at (866) 869-POLY (7659). The campus community is encouraged to add this number to their contact lists.
  • Electronic Marquees

  • The university has three electronic marquees at campus entrances on Kellogg Drive, near the 10 Freeway offramp, as well as the corner of Temple Avenue and South Campus Drive.
  • Building Marshals and Public Safety Officials

  • A list of Building Marshals is available on the Emergency Services website.
  • Posters, Flyers

  • Information may be posted at campus entrances, building entrances and other locations as needed.