Provost’s Awards for Excellence In Teaching, Service, and Scholarly and Creative Activities

Letter of Support Form

A successful letter of support must speak to the following criteria outlined for respective awards.

Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

  • Student performance and course improvement based on assessment of learning outcomes
  •  Analysis of student evaluations that demonstrates teaching excellence
  • Teaching methods and evaluation of student performance that challenge students and contribute to student interest, enthusiasm, and achievement
  • Evidence of currency in the discipline as reflected in course content
  • Active involvement with students in educational and scholarly activities such as competitions, conferences, symposia, site visits, posters, publications, etc. outside the class.
  • Availability to students both in the office and via phone, email, or online.
  • Sustained and significant professional development as it relates to teaching
  • Dissemination of information on the scholarship of teaching through publications, presentations, electronic media and workshops. Evidence of treating students with respect, evidence of being sensitive to cultural diversity and supportive of university educational equity goals

Provost’s Award for Excellence in Service

  • Exemplary contributions to shared governance at any  level (department, college and/or university)
  • Valued activities that improve and/or benefit the University
  • Significant service outside the classroom benefiting students, colleagues, and/or the University
  • Noteworthy and widely recognized contributions to the larger professional community including specific professional societies
  • Significant service as a representative of the University that improves and/or benefits the community at large

Provost’s Award for Excellence in Scholarly and Creative Activities

  • Research, scholarly, and/or creative accomplishments which may include:
    • Peer-reviewed publications  juried presentations, or performances in refereed media
    • Other publications (books, chapters, articles), presentations, or performances in peer-recognized forums
    • Published teaching cases and/or instructional materials
    • Software developed for pedagogic or applied purposes
    • Patents
  • Overall impact/usefulness of the research, scholarly, or creative activity which may include:
    • Helping to improve the human condition and quality of life
    • Sustained and/or significant contributions to knowledge, practice, or pedagogy
    • Wide peer recognition (national and/ or international) of the work as substantial, seminal, and scholarly
    • Demonstrated innovation
  • Importance to Cal Poly Pomona which may include:
    • Enhanced status of Cal Poly Pomona or its academic units
    • Significant grants and/or contracts, and/or fellowships received
    • Mentoring and facilitating the research, scholarly and/or creative activities of other faculty, staff, and/or students
    • Curriculum development and innovation in ways that are important to the discipline, industry, and/or practice

Curriculum Vitae Form

Download the Curriculum Vitae form, add your CV following the formats and instructions listed below, and return via email with attachments to

NOTE: The Curriculum Vitae may not exceed two pages. Follow the formats and instructions below.

  1. Appointments including Department, University and dates of tenure and promotion (in reverse chronological order)
  2. Honors (if and only if relevant to the award)
  3. Refereed Publications (if and only if relevant to the award)
  4. Presentations / Conference Proceedings (if and only if relevant to the award) For unpublished manuscripts, list whether these are in preparation, under review, or accepted / in press / forthcoming (wording appropriate to your discipline).
  5. Research and/or Scholarly Activities (if and only if relevant to the award)
  6. Current and Previous External Funding (List externally funded projects if and only if relevant to the award. For each project, please include the title, funding source, project period, total amount of funding, and one sentence that briefly describes the goal.)

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