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Procurement and Support Services is authorized by the CSU Board of Trustees to oversee the purchasing of all goods and services required by the university.  All purchasing activities are centralized under the immediate supervision of the Director of Procurement and will be conducted in compliance with the State of California statutory codes, regulations, and in accordance with the interpretations of law as specified by Chancellor’s Office legal counsel.

The department is responsible for providing goods and services and a variety of support programs related to material and service acquisitions, fixed assets, records management, graphic reproduction, student copy and mail services.  There are five departments within Procurement and Support Services including Bronco Copy ‘n Mail, Distribution Services, Graphic Communications Services, Purchasing and Asset Management which all report directly to Kathleen Prunty, Director of Procurement and Support Services.

What's New...


Cal Poly Pomona’s Procurement team has earned the 18th annual Achievement in Excellence in Procurement Award for 2013.  This is the seventh AEP award received at CPP which is sponsored by the National Procurement Institute.  It is an award that recognizes organizational excellence in procurement for both public and non-profit organizations.

Congratulations again, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, on your 2013 AEP Award!

OfficeMax Auto-substitution Program

OfficeMax Auto-substitution Program Memorandum for generic office products begins October 1, 2012.

OfficeMax Auto-substitution Program Frequently Asked Questions.

List of Substitution Items.

OfficeMax Quality Concern Form (F-3839)

Vendor Brochure

An updated vendor brochure entitled "Doing Business with California State Polytechnic University, Pomona" is now available"

University Freeze on Expenditures over $1,000

A memo dated February 26, 2008 entitled "University Freeze on Expenditures over $1,000" has been mailed to all Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs to provide guidelines and clarifications to the handling of travel and procurement requests in excess of $1,000.

The Delegation of Signature Authority has been revised with updated approvals for Travel, Employment & Compensation, and Procurement purchases.

Our Mission Statement

Procurement and Support Services is dedicated to providing excellent customer service with a focus on communication, solutions and service. We procure supplies and equipment and provide a variety of support programs, while meeting campus community objectives.

Our Vision Statement

Procurement and Support Services will be the professional organization that exceeds customer expectations. We will insist on timely, efficient and value-added accomplishment of our mission and we will serve as a cooperative team-based model for exceptional customer satisfaction. We will always educate our colleagues and perform in an enthusiastic, professional and ethical manner.

Code of Ethics

As public employees and purchasing professionals, we commit ourselves to provide leadership and dedicated service to our customers, apply our best, unbiased judgment and maintain the highest ethical and moral standards in the conduct of CSU business. We guide our activity through the application and adherence to the following commonly shared values and ethical standards in our daily interaction with suppliers and University customers:

  1. Conduct business in good faith; demanding honest, legal, and ethical practices from all participants in the purchasing process.
  2. Foster an open environment by being fair and reasonable in all dealings.
  3. At no time and under no circumstances accept directly or indirectly gifts, gratuities
    or other things of value which might influence, or appear to influence, purchasing decisions.
  4. Promote positive supplier/contractor relationships by according vendor representatives courteous, fair and ethical treatment.
  5. Make reasonable efforts to negotiate equitable and mutually agreeable settlements of controversies with supplier(s).
  6. Avoid involvement in any transactions/activities that could be considered to be a conflict between personal interests and the interests of the CSU.
  7. Know and obey the letter and spirit of laws governing the purchasing functions and remain alert to the legal ramifications of purchasing decisions.


Updated March 20, 2014. Please e-mail with any comments or questions.