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UC_Davis Prehealth Conference

Posted 10/2/2013

Detail Best conference for preprofessional students

Pre-Dent Scholarship

Posted 9/24/2013

Dental Scholarship. Detail.


Posted 1/5/2013

Standard University Mniority Medical Alliance (SUMMA) is coming up soon (Feb). An excllent way to learn about medical school applications and future practice of medicine.

Linkage Talk

Posted 10/5/2012

10/11/2012 First floor Conference Rm Building 4 at 12 noon

Health Professions Conference

Posted 2/15/2012

Mt Sac College on April/27/2012

Pre-pharmacy symposium

Posted 1/4/2012

Pre-pharmacy symposium at USC, Friday, Jan 20, 2012.

Congratulation to Philip Petersen

Posted 4/18/2011

Accepted into USC-Caltech MD/PhD program and awarded $28000 per year scholarship with all free tuitions, rooms and boards, totaling to about $900,000. Jobs well done.

Free PCAT 2/12/2011

Posted 2/7/2011

Detailed info

Post Baccalaureate Program UCSF 2011-2012

Posted 1/26/2011

Detailed info

Dr. Michel's Campus Talk

Posted 1/11/2011

Detailed info

Admissions Workshop in Medicine

Date posted 1/25/2011

Saturday, March, 2011. Detail

2010 pre-professional scholarship open application

Posted 10/26/2010

Application form is now available (deadline is Dec 10, 2010)

Detail information

Internship Progrm for Postsecondary Students

Posted 10/25/2010


Pre-pharmacy club

Posted 10/20/2010

First meeting will be on 10/26/2010 University hour. 8-48

Another pathway to get accepted into medical school

Posted 10/8/2010

Seminar on 10/21/2010 University hour. Details

Tri-Beta meeting

Posted 10/2/2010

First organization meeting will be held in 3-1623 at 12 noon.

Kaplan Free Events MCAT ans LSAT

Posted 5/19/2010

In order to pre-register for the event, please go to: <>  . You will need to pre-register in order to receive the correct log-in information to attend the event.

8th National AMSA

Posted 5/19/2010

8th National AMSA ARC/UCD Pre-Medical and Pre-Public Health Conference

 “Learn to Lead, Strive to Change, Act to Inspire”Register by June 15, 2010 at 11:59 pm and enter a chance to win a Kaplan MCAT Prep course valued at $2,000.

The winner will be randomly selected from the pool of all registered attendees on June 16, 2010

MD/PhD Program 5/13

Posted 5/7/2010

By Charles Hummel (UCLA MD/PhD student) Location: 4-2-314. Time: 12 noon

Cal Poly Pre-Pharmacy Club Organiation Meeting

Posted 5/4/2010

By Kimberly Han. Location 8-48. Time 12 noon.

Pharmacy Internship talk at KAISER ON 6/5

Posted 4/12/2010

For detail refer to the flier.


2010 Linkage Talk on 4/22

Posted 4/12/2010

For detail refer to the flier.


Scholarship for Cal Ply students

Posted 3/1/2010

15 scholaarships of $1000 will be given out to qualified candidates. Deadline for submission is 4/1/2010. Details and application forms are posted on the bulletin board outside my office or call 626-915-6237 and ask for Joan Stronach

Future Dr. George (our own) talks about other means of getting accepted into professional schools

Posted 2/20/2010

See detailed Free pizza

Lunch with Pharmcy Dean from Western?/Seminar on Pharmacy Admission

Posted 2/20/2010

Check detail info from flier (date: 3/5) Limited space available and pay your own

2010 Post Baccalaureate Program open enrollment

Posted 1/20/2010 or 415-514-2277

FAdmissions Workshop March 20, 2010

Posted 1/20/2010

Free study guide toCal Poly pre-dental students

Posted 1/20/2010

See Dr. Chan

Free Official guide to the MCAT exam to only Cal Poly students

Posted 12/10/2009


26th Annual LMSA-West Regional Conference

Posted 11/5/2009


Army Speaker on Scholarship and Western Programs

Posted 11/4/2009

Detailed time and places for the two speakers.


Allied Health Scholarship Award

Posted 10/28/2009

Now open to apply

See detail

Princeton Review Guarantee

Posted 10/22/2009

Princeton Review Guarantee. See detail.

Medical Student Speaker

Posted 10/2/2009

Andrey Ostrovsky, 4th year medical student will speak on future of medicine on Oct 13 at 3pm in 3-1639

4+4 Linkage Proam Open Enrollment

Posted 9/29/2009

Application is now available for 2010 consideration. See Dr. Chan for detail.

4+4 Linkage Program Information

Posted 5/20/2009

Now open to apply. See details.

Citrus valley Health Partners Clinical Care Extended Program

Posted 5/6/2009

Check out the timetable and detail. For further information, contact Cal Poly student, Andrea Sipin, Director of Special Project (

Western University Pre-Health Panel

Posted 4/19/2009

April 30th, 2009 from 12PM-1PM (Career Center.

Pre-professional Health Careers Undergraduate Student scholarship

Posted 4/6/2009

Now open to application. the deadline is May 13, 2009. Download application form.

Update: 4+4 Linkage Program to Western DO Medical School

Posted 4/1/2009

More detail information and forms will be available within 3 weeks.


4+4 Linkage Program to Western DO Medical School

Posted 3/9/2009

There will be a talk on 4+4 Linkage Program on March 12, 2009. For detail, see attached flier.

Volunteer Opportunity , March 7, 2009

Posted 2/19/2009

See link

Paid Summer Research Program at UNLV

Internship for Podiatric Medicine

Posted 2/9/2009

See link.


Posted 2/9/2009

The summer research experience in Environmental Microbiology at UNLV is now accepting applications.   On-line application at

Coupons for The Princeton Review

Posted 10/15/2008

Interested in getting a coupon to help out the prep class. Come to see me

UCI Pre-Health Conference - Oct 25, 2008

Posted 10/15/2008

Interested in attending a local Pre-health conference, check out this link.

Steele Pre-professional Award

Posted 5/19/2008

Interested in applying for this scholarship, check out this link.

Medical School Admissions Workshop

Posted 2/7/2008

If you are interested in signing up an admissions workshop on Saturday, March 8, 2008 for just $10.00 please call 415-514-2277 or visit This is a very good dworkshop for the serious pre-med students and highly recommended. It inlcudes presentations on developing a competitive application, understanding the application process, a day in the life of a medical student and post-baccalaureate program.

New Trend in Medical School Admissions

Posted 1/15/2008

More and more schools start to require a year of Biochemistry as a pre-requisites.

Mock Interviews

Posted 1/08/2008

Mock interview schedule has been moved to Wed afternoon untill further notice.

Pre-Health Conference

Posted 10/23/2007

Free Kaplan Practice on GRE, DAT, MCAT etc at Cal Poly