Cal Poly Pomona

Curriculum 2010-11

Core Courses

Orientation to the College of Agriculture AG 100 1
Horticulture Principles PLT 131/L 3/1
Plant Propagation PLT 132/L 3/1
Agricultural Cropping Systems PLT 133/L 3/1
Basic Soil Science PLT 231/L 3/1
Irrigation & Water Management PLT 232/L 4
Introduction to Anthropods PLT 233/L 3/1
Investigative Techniques in Plant Science PLT 301 4
Technology Innovations in Plant Science PLT 302 4
Weeds and Weed Control PLT 331/L 3/1
Soil Fertility and Fertilizers PLT 332/L 3/1
Integrated Pest management PLT 333 4
Crop Ecology PLT 401 4
Environmental Toxicology PLT 411 4
Internship  --OR-- PLT 441 (2)
Senior Project PLT 461 2
Undergraduate Seminar PLT 463 2

Support Courses

Plant Structures & Functions BOT 124/L 3/2
General Plant Pathology BOT 323/L 2/2
Plant Physiology BOT 428/L 3/2
College Chemistry CHM 122/L 3/1
Accounting for Agribusiness FMA 324 4
Statistics with Applications (B1) STA 120


General Chemistry (B2) CHM 121/L 3/1
Basic Biology (B3) BIO 115/L 3/2
Agriculture and the Modern World (D2) AG 101 4
Ethical Issues in Food, Agricultural and Apparel Industries (D4) AG 401 4


*Choose From List on Reverse of Page. **Determined in consultation with your advisor

General Education Courses

Students may fulfill these requirements at Cal Poly Pomona with the General Education (GE) or the Interdisciplinary General Education Programs.  Select courses from approved lists shown in the Schedule of Classes unless specified.

Area A Communication and Critical Thinking 12 units
     1. Written Communication  
     2. Oral Communication  
     3. Critical Thinking  

Area B Math and Natural Sciences

(Select at least one lab course from sub-area 2 or 3)

16 units
     1. Math/Quantitative Reasoning  
     2. Physical Science  
     3. Biological Science  
     4. Science and Technology Synthesis  
Area C Humanities 16 units
     1. Fine/Performing Arts  
     2. Philosophy and Civilization  
     3. Literature and Foreign Language  
     4. Humanities Synthesis  
Area D Social Sciences 20 units
     1. U.S. History, Constitution, American Ideals  
     2. History, Economics and Political Science  
     3. Sociology, Anthropology, Ethnic and Gender Studies  
     4. Social Science Synthesis  
Area E Lifelong Understanding and Self-Development 4 units
GENERAL EDUCATION (above areas) 68

Not more than 105 community college quarter units or 36 extension credit quarter units may be applied toward a Bachelor’s degree. A minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA is required in core (including option) courses, Cal Poly Pomona courses, and overall work completed in order to receive a degree in this major.

Business Course List

Intro to Electronic Business EBZ 301 4
E-Business Technology EBZ 302 4
Enterprise Management FMA 328 4
Personnel Management FMA 402 4
Legal Environment of Business Transactions FRL 201 4
Introduction to Club Operations HRT 320 4
Principles of Marketing Management IBM 301 4
Principles of Management MHR 301 4
First Line Management MHR 313 4
Multicultural Organizational Behavior MHR 318 4
Intro to Entrepreneurship MHR 320 4
Operations Management TOM 301 4