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Agriculture is the driving and stabilizing force for California's economy.  As the leading industry in the state, it contributes over $500 billion annually!  Careers in agriculture are exciting, rewarding, well-paying and plentiful.  Graduates may be employed in many fields, including:Salinas Farm

  • Agronomists
  • Botanic Garden and Arboretum Specialist
  • Farm Managers
  • Crop Production Consultants
  • Pest Control Advisors
  • Greenhouse Management
  • Floriculturist
  • Contractors
  • Marketing Experts for pesticide and ag. chemical companies
  • Marketing Experts for private seed companies
  • Research Associates for private plant breeding companies
  • Research Associates for pesticide and ag. chemical companies
  • Research Technicians for private companies, universities, and other governmental agencies
  • Natural Resource Conservations and Agents
  • Field Representatives for food processing companies
  • Farm Insurance Agents
  • Agents in the production and marketing of certified seeds
  • Managers of farm service centers for cooperatives and elevators
  • Nursery / Landscape Managers
  • Sports Turf Managers
  • Entomologists
  • Plant Pathologists
  • Weed Scientists
  • Greens Keeper
  • Plant Propagator

The following links provide excellent information on career opportunities, openings, and salaries.

The leading Online Job Board for Agriculture and Food

Search for jobs with the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and view links to agriculture agencies and news stories as well as a diverse assortment of agriculture topics including marketing, food and nutrition, and regulation/laws.

Earthworks is a world leading portal of job and career opportunities for horticulturists, agronomists, environmental scientists, ecologists, conservationists, forestry/agricultural scientists, geographers, oceanographers, marine scientists, space and planetary scientists, archaeologists and anthropologists, Remote Sensing/GIS specialists, geoscientists, hydrologists, hydrogeologists, water resource professionals, remediation/contaminated land specialists, geographical engineers.


Alumni Careers

Agronomy Graduates

Maricela Barbosa - USDA - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Port of Long Beach

Sharon McCrorey - Ag Commissioner's Office, Weights and Measures, Monterey Park, CA

Christina Smith - Strawberry breeder at Smalls Nursery, Red Bluff, CA

Janet Rivas - Science teacher, Baldwin Park Unified School District

Pedro Torres - Organic Grower, Aguanga CA

Fermin Lopez - Ag Commissioner's Office, Ag Biologist, El Centro, CA

Nikki Grieci - USDA Natural Resources Conservation -Conservation Specialist, Lancaster, CA

Evan Kirby-Smith - Independently contracted organic inspector and consultant, Temecula CA.

Agricultural Biology Graduates

Efrain Velasco - Forensic Entomologist, Ventura County Sheriff's Department

Christy Diggins-Richey - Dole, Quality Assurance

Jenny Chai - Environmental Health Specialist, Long Beach, CA

Brad Baker - United Horticultural Supply, Sales, Corona, CA

Richard (Tim) O'Neill - Monrovia Nursery Company, Pest Mgmt, Azusa, CA

Laura Petro - Economic Entomologist, CDFA

Horticulture Graduates

Natsuyo Aoyama - Seed Physiology Laboratory Manager, Cal Poly Pomona

Otto Aumack - Disneyland, Facilities Management

Robert Hertzing - Valencia Country Club, Superintendent

Olga Lichten - Self-employed, Fruit Crop Grower, Fallbrook, CA

Brian Takemoto - APHIS - Chicago, O'Hare Airport, Inspector

Seth Young - Water Concern, Orange County, CA

Gabriel Siapin - Siapin Landscape, Estimator

Thanh Pham - Horticulturist, LA County Arboretum, Conservancy, Arcadia, CA

Gavin Sherman - Self-Employed, Bee Keeper, Cal Poly Pomona Instructor

Soil Science Graduates

Andrea Souther - Mission Resource Conservation District Cons. Specialist, Fallbrook, CA

Gina MacLyman - Fruit Grower's Laboratory, Santa Paula, CA

Christopher Wilson - Staff Scientist, QST Environmental, Fountain Valley, CA

Sam Liu - USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, North Carolina

Landscape Irrigation Science Graduates

Marcos Quezada - Metropolitan Water District, Water Conservation Consultant

James Caringella - Area Specification Manager, Rain Bird Inc.

Peter Hamann - Cal Sense, Technician Representative, Irrigation

Anson Beattie - Environmental Care, Irrigation Specialist

Jason Smith - Irrigation Designer, ETP Landscape Architecture

Kevin McGourty - City of LA, Parks and Recreation Dept.