Ag Biology Club

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This club does not currently have any active members. If you are interested in the club, please contact the Plant Science department office.

About This Club

The Agricultural Biology (Ag Bio) Club was founded to promote unity among Ag Bio majors with interests in Entomology and Environmental Health. Ag Bio Club welcomes all majors to come to the meetings. Club meetings are posted in 2-126 and on the Ag Bio Club board.

The major event the club focuses on is the Insect Fair held in October with Pumpkin Festival. Many members and those dedicated to going on the club's biennial trip to countries in Southeast Asia need to volunteer up to 40 hours of help at the Insect Fair. The 40 hours of volunteer time will pay for your plane ticket and lodging expenses on the next trip. In previous years, Insect Fair and Reptile Fair were held separately, this year they will be combined. So, in addition to bugs at this year's Insect Fair, there will be a few reptiles in Building 2. We hope that you come join the fun!

In the past, many Ag Bio majors knew of Dr. Lester Young as an advisor and as a well respected instructor of many Ag Bio courses. Today, Dr. Young's job is dealing with the entire College of Agriculture as Interim Associate Dean. You will be missed and we all wish you good luck in that big office! Fortunately we still have two excellent advisors and instructors of Ag Bio. Dr. Richard Kaae and Dr. Greg Partida have been Ag Bio instructors at Cal Poly Pomona for a lengthy amount of time. They are great instructors, easy to talk to and barely bite at all. Of course, both are able to answer any entomological or Ag Bio related courses as well as advising for new and interested students in Ag Biology. Dr. Kaae (869-2183 is a good advisor to contact for Insect Fair information and questions regarding the biennial club trip. Dr. Partida (869-2181 gjpartida is a good advisor to contact for Fruit Science and orchard related information.