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BroncoBytes Student eNewsletter

A Biweekly E-Newsletter and The Source for Student Information

BroncoBytes is a bi-weekly e-newsletter serving the Cal Poly Pomona student community.  Any Cal Poly Pomona department may submit a posting in BroncoBytes upon the following guidelines:

  1. Body of announcement is hosted on a department's website.

  2. Call to action or event date falls within 2 weeks following the current issue date. Click here for the 2013-14 submission and distribution calendar.

  3. Deadline for submission for BroncoBytes is 12 noon on the Thursday before the upcoming BroncoBytes edition. Please refer to the 2013-14 submission and distribution calendar.

  4. Submission by sponsoring organization/department must be made online.

  5. Changes of information after issue distribution is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization/department


* Please note:  BroncoBytes editor reserves the right to modify or edit submission to maintain newsletter format consistency.

Ask Billy

Ask Billy