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Office PowerUser Class

Course Description/Curriculum:
This class includes Power User features in Excel, Word and PowerPoint and will cover the following:  In Excel - Creating interactive forms – using form controls, such as (sliders, option groups, checkboxes, list boxes, etc.); Advanced Filtering  (creating a search area); using Advanced Filters (creating macros on buttons to run the entire process); Hyperlinks – (Creating navigation button); and BONUS (Director Tree Add-In generates a hyperlinked list of all files in a specific folder).  In Word - Master Docs (combining individual word docs into one main document; Indexing (using the index feature in Word to mark reference and automatically create and index at the end of the document); Word Forms (creating an interactive form in Word with dropdowns, checkboxes); Effective Section Breaks (using different page orientations within the same file, creating custom page numbering for chapter, using section breaks within a Word form); and BONUS ( using Custom macro to list all the fonts on a computer).  In PowerPoint - creating graphics that can be exported and used anywhere; Custom Shows (combining slides in PowerPoint as custom shows); Hyperlinks (Creating navigation button); MouseOvers  (Creating mouse over animation effects); Customizing Clipart (customizing Microsoft’s clipart by changing colors, deleting elements and combining with other graphics); Creating Custom Shapes (using the Freeform tool to create silhouettes, logos, and cutouts).
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Location: Building 98, (CLA) C5-15

Instructor: California Computer Schools, Inc.

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