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Excel IF and VLOOKUP

Instructor: California Computer Schools, Inc.

This course is coordinated through Organizational Development & Training.

Course Description

Want to really capture the power of Excel? Then you absolutely need to know how to write these 2 formulas!
The IF function is probably the most powerful, multipurpose function offered by Excel. It is also one of the most confusing to learn. This class will help you to write effective IF formulas. Covered topics include basic “IF”, “IF” function with equations, “If” function to display text, and “IF” function to display text with a cell reference.

VLOOKUPs are second only to the IF in usefulness. Type in a value in Excel and utilize the VLOOKUP to pull corresponding data from a separate data set. Covered topics include modifying data for use with a VLOOUP, basic VLOOKUPs, suing a Named Range as a source data, and creating a dynamic Named Range that grows as your data grows.

The class will include individual practice time to test your new skills. Bring a flash drive and you can take the samples plus additional practice with you after class.

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