Cal Poly Pomona

Credit Card Breach

Did the credit card breaches that occurred during the holidays alarm you?  Do you wonder what personal information computer hackers can capture during credit card data breaches? This Lunch & Learn is packed with information to absorb in order to protect you and your family. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Possible causes of the credit card breach of December 2013?
  • Ways to protect yourself from potential threats
  • Personal information that is stored on a credit card magnetic strip
  • Reasons to use a credit card over a debit card
  • Reviewing bank statements for indications of a breach
  • Extra security your credit card company is trying to sell you and whether to purchase or not
  • How often should credit reports be monitored?
  • Ways to make passwords stronger
  • And many more helpful tips!

Date:  Thursday, April 17
Presented by: Dr. Gregory Carlton, Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems and Director of Computer Forensics Programs

Location: 98, B1-31
Note:  This is a voluntary lunch-time activity, not a formal training program.  
All programs will take place in 98-B1-31Seating is limited.

Note: If you have a disability and need an accommodation, please inform us by email at or by calling the O D T office at x3726 one week prior to the date of the workshop.