Name Position Phone Email
Dr. Nicole I. Z. Wickler
Co-Director of Noyce Program 909-869-4743
Dr. Laurie Riggs
Co-Director of Noyce Program, Math Advisor 909-869-3482
Dr. Homeyra Sadaghiani
Co-Director of Noyce Program 909-869-5194
Dr. Jodye Selco
Science Advisor 909-869-4552 
Dr. Beth Djonne
Department of Education, Single Subject Coordinator 909-869-2086
Dr. Phyllis Nelson
Engineering Representative 909-869-2649
Mark Fessenden
Science teacher at Wilson High School, HLPUSD 626-934-4400 x 4523 
Diana Ceja
Math teacher in Pomona School District 909-397-4700
Rob Roberts
Representative of Hacienda-La Puente School District 626-933-1000
Diana Reymundo
Representative of Pomona School District 909-397-4700
Steve White
Representative of Rialto School District 909-820-7700
Bud Jenkins
Industry representative 909-869-3678
Marcia Starcher
Office of Financial Aid 909-869-3700


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