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R9900-182.pdf News Release 9900-182 Family Days Fact Sheet
R9900-181.pdf News Release 9900-181 Four New Directors Join Cal Poly Pomona Staff
R9900-180b.pdf News Release 9900-180b Cal Poly Pomona Students Awarded Educational Grants from Chino
R9900-180a.pdf News Release 9900-180a Cal Poly Pomona Students Awarded Educational Grants from Chino
R9900-180.pdf News Release 9900-180 Cal Poly Pomona Students Awarded Educational Grants from Chino
R9900-179.pdf News Release 9900-179 Cheer and Dance Camp Fact Sheet
R9900-178.pdf News Release 9900-178 Turk Named Acting Vice President for Student Affairs at Cal Po
R9900-177.pdf News Release 9900-177 Cal Poly Pomona Breaks Ground on Agriculture and Environmental
R9900-176.pdf News Release 9900-176 Duarte Resident and Cal Poly Pomona Accounting Students Wins F
R9900-175.pdf News Release 9900-175 Burbank Resident and Cal Poly Pomona Student Presented with Na
R9900-174.pdf News Release 9900-174 Individual Attention, Analysis of Technique Highlights of Summ
R9900-173.pdf News Release 9900-173 Governor Gray Davis Appoints Richard Navarro to 12-Member Stat
R9900-172.pdf News Release 9900-172 Cal Poly Pomona's School of Education & Integrative Studies Re
R9900-171.pdf News Release 9900-171 Youth Can Learn, Expand Skills During Tennis Camp
R9900-170.pdf News Release 9900-170 Wells Fargo Bank's Todd Hollander to Speak at Real Estate Rese
R9900-169.pdf News Release 9900-169 Let the Games Begins
R9900-168.pdf News Release Aircraft Pioneer Among Eight Speakers Scheduled for Cal Poly P
R9900-167.pdf News Release 9900-167 21st Birthday Does Not Equal 21 Drinks Program to Receive Awar
R9900-166.pdf News Release 9900-166 Civil Rights Lawyer and Activist Morris Dees Makes Rare Southe
R9900-165.pdf News Release 9900-165 President Elect of American Society for Engineering Education
R9900-164.pdf News Release 9900-164 Five Cal Poly Pomona Students Honored During Cinco de Mayo Sch
R9900-163.pdf News Release 9900-163 Attorney General and University President to Host "Prosecuting
R9900-162.pdf News Release 9900-162 Cal Poly Pomona Names Dr. Jane Ollenburger as Vice President f
R9900-161.pdf News Release 9900-161 "Indian Festival" Fact Sheet
R9900-160.pdf News Release 9900-160 Institute of New Dance & Cultures to Host Emminent Cuban Dance
R9900-159.pdf News Release 9900-159 Cal Poly Pomona to Offer New Graduate Degree in History
R9900-158.pdf News Release 9900-158 Model United Nations Student Team Wins Major Award at National
R9900-157.pdf News Release 9900-157 "Exposure" Exhibits Graduating Seniors' Art
R9900-156.pdf News Release 9900-156 Saddle Up For Adventure
R9900-155.pdf News Release 9900-155 Cal Poly Pomona Music Department Calendar of Events for May 20
R9900-154.pdf News Release 9900-154.pdf Prestigious Scholarship Goes to Best and Brightest
R9900-153.pdf News Release 9900-153 Inaugural Theatre Performance at the Cal Poly Pomona Downtown
R9900-152.pdf News Release 9900-152 Diversity Award Goes to Foundation Housing Services
R9900-151.pdf News Release 9900-151 GIS Expo Fact Sheet
R9900-150.pdf News Release 9900-150 New Marine Technology Could Save Lives of California Fishermen
R9900-149.pdf News Release 9900-149 Free Screening of "Luminarias" at Cal Poly Pomona May 2
R9900-148.pdf News Release 9900-148 "Colors of the World" Culture Show at Cal Poly Pomona April 28
R9900-147.pdf News Release 9900-147 Latif Bolat, Distinguished Turkish Musician to Perform at Cal
R9900-146.pdf News Release 9900-146 Kids Love to Learn at Cal Poly Pomona's Summer Science Camps
R9900-145.pdf News Release 9900-145 Friends and Tea at the Collins School
R9900-144.pdf News Release 9900-145 Collins School Breaks Ground on Two New Buildings
R9900-143.pdf News Release 9900-143 Teacher Job Fair and Education Expo at Cal Poly Pomona
R9900-142.pdf News Release 9900-142 Cal Poly Pomona's Reptile Expo
R9900-141.pdf News Release 9900-141 Respected Sociologist Peter Rose to Speak at Cal Poly Pomona
R9900-140.pdf News Release 9900-140 "Chinese Men Don't Boogie" to be Performed April 19-22 During
R9900-139.pdf News Release 9900-139 "Chinese Men Don't Boogie" an Original Cal Poly Pomona Student
R9900-138.pdf News Release 9900-138 Native American Women Writers Read and Discuss Their Works at
R9900-137.pdf News Release R9900-137 Free Luncheon Lectures Offered
R9900-136.pdf News Release 9900-136 Jazz and Afro-Cuban Dances to be Performed at Cal Poly Pomona
R9900-135.pdf News Release 9900-135 Klein Names Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs at Cal
R9900-134.pdf News Release 9900-134 Actor Andy Garcia to be Recognized at Hilda L. Solis Scholarsh
R9900-133.pdf News Release 9900-133 Cal Poly Pomona's Theatre Department Presents "An Italian-Amer
R9900-132.pdf News Release 9900-132 Cal Poly Pomona to Explore Love and Sex in the New Millenium
R9900-130.pdf News Release 9900-130 Classical Indian Vocalist, Ashwini Bhide-Deshpande, to Perform
R9900-129.pdf News Release 9900-129 Educational Fun at Cal Poly Pomona's Earth Day Extravaganza
R9900-128.pdf News Release 9900-128 Career Day at Cal Poly Pomona Helps Everyone Make Connections
R9900-127.pdf News Release 9900-127 Dr. Steven Wickler, Director of Equine Research and University
R9900-125.pdf News Release 9900-125 New Master of Public Administration Offered at Cal Poly Pomona
R9900-124.pdf News Release 9900-124 Grand Opening of the Cal Poly Pomona Downtown Center Set for M
R9900-123.pdf News Release 9900-123 Cal Poly Pomona to Present University Awards of Excellence to
R9900-121.pdf News Release 9900-121 Cal Poly Pomona's College of Engineering Hosts Regional "Build
R9900-120.pdf News Release 9900-120 Legendary Mariachi Group El Mariachi Imperial De Mexico to Per
R9900-119.pdf News Release 9900-119 Cal Poly Pomona Music Department Calendar of Events for April
R9900-118.pdf News Release 9900-118 I Poly High Physical Education Wins Program of the Year Award
R9900-116.pdf News Release 9900-116 John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies to Host "Greening
R9900-115.pdf News Release 9900-115 Engineering Department Displays Toyota "Prius," a Hybrid Vehic
R9900-114.pdf News Release 9900-114 Cal Poly Pomona Names Kugler as Interim Athletic Director
R9900-113.pdf News Release 9900-113 $195,000 NASA Grant to Benefit Aerospace Engineering Departmen
R9900-112.pdf News Release 9900-112 Visiting Club Managers Donate Over $2,000 to Cal Poly Pomona S
R9900-111.pdf News Release 9900-111 Youth Can Learn, Expand Skills During Spring Break Bronco Bask
R9900-110.pdf News Release 9900-110 San Gabriel High School Students to Perform Original Play at C
R9900-109.pdf News Release 9900-109 Cal Poly Pomona Theatre Department Presents "Kaleidoscope"
R9900-107.pdf News Release 9900-107 Cal Poly Pomona Event Calendar for Women's History Month
R9900-106.pdf News Release 9900-106 Cal Poly Pomona Team Discovers New Way to Protect Meat from Ha
R9900-103.pdf News Release 9900-103 Founders' Day 2000 to Feature Parade, Luncheon, Awards of Exce
R9900-102.pdf News Release 9900-102 Unusual Physics Careers is Topic at Cal Poly Pomona Conference
R9900-101.pdf News Release 9900-101 Cal Poly Pomona Theatre Department Presents "Kaleidoscope"
R9900-99.pdf News Release 9900-99 Cal Poly Pomona's Institute of New Dance and Cultures Presents
R9900-98.pdf News Release 9900-98 Cal Poly Pomona March 2000 Music Calendar
R9900-97.pdf News Release 9l900-97 $250,000 Gift Horse Gallops into Cal Poly Pomona Barn
R9900-96.pdf News Release 9900-96 Lakshmi Shankar, One of India's Most Renowned Vocalists to Per
R9900-95.pdf News Release 9900.95 Cal Poly Pomona President Selected to Attorney General's Commi
R9900-93.pdf News Release 9900-93 Acclaimed Cuban Poet Nancy Morejon Guest Lectures at Cal Poly
R9900-92.pdf News Release 9900-92 Cuban Scholars Guest Lecture at Cal Poly Pomona as Part of Pro
R9900-89.pdf News Release 9900-89 Cal Poly Pomona Suits Up for Apparel Industry Focus Day
R9900-88.pdf News Release 9900-88 Cal Poly Pomona Theatre Department to Present Stoppard Play
R9900-87.pdf News Release 9900-87 Cal Poly Pomona Accounting Professor Selected to Santa Monica
R9900-86.pdf News Release 9900-86 Vox Femina Los Angeles to Perform at Cal Poly Pomona
R9900-85.pdf News Release 9900-85 Biology Faculty at Cal Poly Pomona Helping Venezuelan Flood Vi
R9900-83.pdf News Release R9900-83 Industry and Students Meet As Collins School Hosts Hospicality
R9900-82.pdf News Release 9900-82 MTV's Love Doctor Makes a House Call to Cal Poly Pomona
R9900-81.pdf News Release 9900-81 National Art Exhibit Comes to Cal Poly Pomona Gallery
R9900-77.pdf News Release 9900-77 Competitions, Hi-Tech Job Fair and Open House Included in Cal
R9900-71.pdf News Release 9900-71 Cal Poly Pomona Beef Show Team Awarded Silver Buckle at Arizon
R9900-70.pdf News Release 9900-70 Distinguished Author, Psychologist, and Professor, Joseph L. W
R9900-69.pdf News Release 9900-69 Ragged But Right
R9900-68.pdf News Release 9900-68 Culture Days 2000
R9900-67.pdf News Release 9900-67 Hi Tech Companies to Interface with Education at Cal Poly Pomo
R9900-65.pdf News Release 9900-65 Berman Selected to Lead Technology Team at Cal Poly Pomona
R9900-64.pdf News Release 9900-64 Cal Poly Pomona President Goes to the End of the Earth for Nat
R9900-63.pdf News Release 9900-63 Cal Poly Pomona Educator Selected to Prestigous National Board
R9900-62.pdf News Release 9900-62 The Kellogg University Art Gallery at Cal Poly Pomona Presents
R9900-60.pdf R9900-60 Kellogg House Pomona Hosts Holiday Party
R9900-59.pdf R9900-59 Cal Poly Pomona Donation Provides Internet Connection for Waln
R9900-56.pdf News Release 9900-56 Cal Poly Pomona Joins with Area High Schools to Help Stuents I
R9900-55.pdf News Release 9900-55 Claremont Resident and Cal Poly Pomona Professor Emeritus Gera
R9900-54.pdf News Release 9900-54 Cal Poly Pomona Students Donate Over 500 Cans of Non-Perishabl
R9900-51.pdf News Release 9900-51 Cal Poly Pomona Accounting Students Win Honorable Mention at A
R9900-50.pdf R9900-50 David Speak Serves as International Observer for Historic Guat
R9900-43.pdf News Release 9900-43 Cal Poly Pomona Expands Downtown
R9900-42.pdf News Release 9900-42 Building Bonds
R9900-41.pdf News Release 9900-41 The CENTER
R9900-27.pdf News Release 9900-27 Career Center Partners With Corporate World
R9900-26.pdf New Release 9900-26 Neutra VDL Research House
R9900-24.pdf News Release 9900-24 University's MediaVision Group Honored
R9900-23.pdf News Release 9900-23 Campus Week of Dialogue
R9900-22.pdf News Release 9900-22 Graduate and Professional School Day
R9900-20.pdf News Release 9900-20 Career Day
R9900-19.pdf News Release 9900-19 Three New Federal TRIO Grants Place Cal Poly Pomona in Select Company
R9900-16.pdf News Release 9900-16 Art Gallery to Display Permanent Art Collection in Limited, Rare Exhibition
R9900-15.pdf News Release 9900-15 Art Gallery Hosts Simultaneous Exhibitions Featuring Works of 28 South African Artists
R9900-14h.pdf News Release 9900-14h South Gate Resident Named President's Council Scholarship Recipient
R9900-14g.pdf News Release 9900-14g Monrovia Resident Named President's Council Scholarship Recipient
R9900-14f.pdf News Release 9900-14f Pomona Resident Named President's Council Scholarship Recipient
R9900-14e.pdf News Release 9900-14e Burbank Resident Named President's Council Scholarship Recipient
R9900-14d.pdf News Release 9900-14d Alhambra Resident Named President's Council Scholarship Recipient
R9900-14c.pdf News Release 9900-14c West Covina Resident Named President's Council Scholarship Recipient
R9900-14b.pdf News Release 9900-14b Diamond Bar Resident Named President's Council Scholarship Recipient
R9900-14a.pdf News Release 9900-14a La Habra Heights Resident Named President's Council Scholarship Recipient
R9900-13.pdf News Release 9900-13 High School Teachers from Korea Hosted by Cal Poly Pomona for Training in Teaching, Chemistry, Architecture
R9900-12.pdf News Release 9900-12 Professor Vinita Dhingra Name ACE Fellow for 1999-2000 by the American Council on Education
R9900-11.pdf News Release 9900-11 Joseph Carreras to Speak About Southern California Housing to Real Estate Council Luncheon
R9900-10.pdf News Release 9900-10 Pumpkin Fesitval
R9900-09.pdf News Release 9900-09 Technology Program Receives Major Software Donation from Alias/Wavefront
R9900-08.pdf News Release 9900-08 The Collins Schol of Hospitality Management: A First for the California State University System
R9900-07.pdf News Release 9900-07 Cal Poly Pomona Bookstore Holds Christmas in July Sale
R9900-06.pdf News Release 9900-06 Center for Regenerative Studies Pays Tribute to Founder by Renaming Center After John T. Lyle
R9900-05.pdf News Release 9900-05 Planting Seeds of Peace: University Hosts Youths Working Toward Peace in the Middle East
R9900-04.pdf News Release 9900-04 Vice President Gene Awakuni Named President of Asian American Education Organization
R9900-03.pdf News Release 9900-03 Edison's $130,000 Donation Funds Cal Poly Pomona Computer Classroom
R9900-02.pdf News Release 9900-02 Terrence G. Wiley Named SEIS Associate Dean
R9900-01.pdf News Release 9900-01 Auerbach Announces release of "Information Technology Control and Audit," Written by Three Cal Poly Pomona Faculty

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