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R9899-136.pdf News Release 9899-136 Phillip Rosenkrantz Given Cal Poly Pomona Outstanding Faculty Leadership Award
R9899-135.pdf News Release 9899-135 Cal Poly Pomona Names Outstanding Students for Kellogg Scholarships
R9899-134.pdf News Release 9899-134 GYL Decauwer Competitive Marketing Edge Winners Announced June 30 at Gala Celebration
R9899-133.pdf News Release 9899-133 Cal Poly Pomona Students Win Lighting Awards, Earn Finalists Positions at Los Angeles Lighting Competition
R9899-132.pdf News Release 9899-132 Upland Resident Awarded Inaugural George P. Hart Scholarship
R9899-131.pdf News Release 9899-131 Cal Poly Pomona Professor Named Distinguished Educator for 1999 by Organizational Behavior Teaching Society
R9899-130.pdf News Release 9899-130 Cal Poly Pomona Senior Margaret Marie Hart One of Five CSU Students Selected for "Sue" Project
R9899-129.pdf News Release 9899-129 University Mourns Professor; Services Scheduled
R9899-128.pdf News Release 9899-128 Cal Poly Pomona School of Hotel and Restaurant Management, L.A. County Fair Association Form Vintage Affiliation
R9899-127.pdf News Release 9899-127 Industry Leaders, Media Members Among Speakers for 1999 Commencement Ceremonies
R9899-126.pdf News Release R9899-126 Cal Poly Pomona, USDA Sign Memorandum of Understanding
R9899-124.pdf News Release 9899-124 Cal Poly Pomona Students Invited to Bermuda for Rose Float Experience
R9899-123.pdf News Release 9899-123 Cal Poly Pomona to Host Reptile Exposition
R9899-122.pdf News Release 9899-122 Students Awarded $1,500 in Scholarships at Cinco de Mayo Luncheon
R9899-121.pdf News Release 9899-121 University Hosts Thai Delegation to Discuss Joint MBA Program
R9899-119.pdf News Release 9899-119 Dr. Vernon Stauble, International Business and Marketing Chair, Chosen for Prestigious CSU Honor
R9899-118.pdf News Release 9899-118 Cal Poly Pomona Pays Its Respect to University Supporter Michi Nishiura Weglyn, Prominent Japanese American Author and Humanitarian
R9899-116.pdf News Release 9899-116 National Board Certification Defines Accomplished Teaching
R9899-115.pdf News Release 9899-115 Digital and Traditional Art Featured in "Articulation"
R9899-114.pdf News Release 9899-114 Landscape Architect CD Wins Award
R9899-113.pdf News Release 9899-113 Chairman of Beringer Wine Chosen for Hospitality Management Richard N.Frank Lectureship Series
R9899-112.pdf News Release 9899-112 Future Farmers of America Gather for Field Day Competitions
R9899-111.pdf News Release 9899-111 Muscle Function Study Uses Horses
R9899-110.pdf News Release 9899-110 Endowment Recognizes Professor's Legacy
R9899-109.pdf News Release 9899-109 $100,000 Bernard Lane Endowment Created for Geological Science
R9899-108.pdf News Release 9899-108 Teams Set for MISSA Competition, April 24
R9899-107.pdf News Release 9899-107 Visionary Book on Human Ecosystems Reissued
R9899-106.pdf News Release 9899-106 Teacher Job Fair, Thursday, April 29
R9899-105.pdf News Release 9899-105 Hot Asian Musical Groups Featured at Cal Poly Pomona
R9899-104.pdf News Release 9899-104 Students Build a Better Mousetrap at Science-Math-Engineering Competition
R9899-103.pdf News Release 9899-103 Cal Poly Pomona Faculty Members Nominated for Newest CSU Honor
R9899-102.pdf News Release 9899-102 Free Luncheon Lectures Offered
R9899-101.pdf News Release 9899-101 Faculty Spring Symposium Set for May 19
R9899-100.pdf News Release 9899-100 Spring Speaker Series 1999 Paths to the 21st Century
R9899-99.pdf News Release 9899-99 University Offers Kindergarten Program
R9899-98.pdf News Release 9899-98 Share the Richness of the Culture Show, Friday, April 16
R9899-97.pdf News Release 9899-97 Sizzler Chairman Gives $10 Million to School of Hotel and Restaurant Management at Cal Poly Pomona
R9899-96.pdf News Release 9899-96 University Collections to Loan Art Pieces to Museums Nationwide
R9899-95.pdf News Release Scouts Earn Merit Badges at University's Boy Scout Day
R9899-94.pdf News Release 9899-94 National Model United Nations Team Competes in New York City
R9899-93.pdf News Release 9899-93 Workshop on Breakthrough Thinking Set for May 20-21
R9899-92.pdf News Release 9899-92 Accounting Association Holds Regional Meeting April 29 - May 1
R9899-91.pdf News Release 9899-91 PSA on Science Camp
R9899-90.pdf News Release 9899-90 Kids Love to Learn at Summer Science Camp
R9899-89.pdf News Release 9899-89 Conference Examines Ethics in the Age of Self - Interest, April 28-29, 1999
R9899-87.pdf News Release 9899-87 Making Connections at Cal Poly Pomona's Career Day, April 15
R9899-86.pdf News Release 9899-86 4th Annual "Healing The Earth" Pow Wow Set for April 10
R9899-85.pdf News Release 9899-85 Science Show Debuts on Internet
R9899-84.pdf News Release 9899-84 Unique New Degree Program Offered in Food Science and Technology
R9899-83.pdf News Release 9899-83 Student Engineering Team Takes Third Place in Nationwide Construction Competition
R9899-82c.pdf News Release 9899-82c Sisters from Arizona Receive Scholarships During Native American Outreach Committee Luncheon
R9899-82a.pdf News Release 9899-82a Native American Outreach Committee Honors Seven Cal Poly Pomona Students at Luncheon
R9899-81.pdf News Release 9899-81 History Professor Wins Prestigious Guggenheim Award
R9899-79.pdf News Release 9899-79 Pilot Program Offers Student Unique Look at Judicial Process
R9899-78.pdf News Release 9899-78 Tilt '99 Showcases Technology for Teachers, March 11 to March 13
R9899-77b.pdf News Release 9899-77b BroncoFest '99
R9899-77a.pdf News Release 9899-77a BroncoFest '99
R9899-76.pdf News Release 9899-76 BroncoFest '99 Offers a Day of Fun for the Family, Saturday, April 24
R9899-75.pdf News Release R9899-75 Cal Poly Pomona Presents Fiesta Mexicana, Wednesday, March 10th
R9899-74.pdf News Release R9899-74 Hilda L.Solis Scholarships Aid Chicano / Latino Students
R9899-73.pdf News Release R9899-73 Loren Cameron Presents Transexual Self - Portrait
R9899-72.pdf News Release R9899-72 Check Out One of the Hottest Career Choices at the College of Engineering's Open House, Feb.27
R9899-71.pdf News Release 9899-71 Cal Poly Pomona Applications Due April 1
R9899-70.pdf News Release 9899-70 Take the Callenge: MISSA Information Technology Competition, April 24.
R9899-67.pdf News Release 9899-67 Earth Day Extravaganza V Set for April 22 at the Center for Regenerative Stuides
R9899-61.pdf News Release 9899-61 Cal Poly Pomona Presents Drawing Exhibit "Sketch" March 4 - April 15
R9899-41.pdf News Release 9899-41 Cal Poly Pomona's Urban and Regional Planning Programs Garner High Praise
R9899-40.pdf News Release 9899-40 Cal Poly Pomona Students Study Abroad
R9899-39.pdf News Release 9899-39 Joan Safford Named faculty Director of Center for Regenerative Studies
R9899-38.pdf News Release 9899-38 Cal Poly Pomona's University Library Presents Wines and Vines of the Inland Valley
R9899-37.pdf News Release 9899-37 Cal Poly Pomona President to Serve on America Reads*America Counts Steering Committee
R9899-36.pdf News Release 9899-36 Cal Poly Pomona Pays Tribute to Friends of the University at Founder's Day Gala
R9899-35.pdf News Release 9899-35 Hewlett Packard Grant Advances Web Proficiency for the "Net Generation" at Cal Poly Pomona
R9899-30.pdf News Release 9899-30 Cal Poly Pomona Holds Public Forum on Ethics in Public Leadership
R9899-20.pdf News Release 9899-20 Cal Poly Pomona Flags Fly at Half-Mast for the Past President Robert C. Kramer
R9899-18.pdf News Release 9899-18 Back to School for Cal Poly Pomona Educators
R9899-17.pdf News Release 9899-17 Bob Wissler and Merrill Lewis Named to Cal Poly Pomona's Accounting Hall of Fame
R9899-16.pdf News Release 9899-16 Fourth Annual International Total Product Development Sympposium Set for Nov. 17-20
R9899-13.pdf News Release 9899-13 Cal Poly Pomona Receives Kellogg Foundation Endowment
R9899-12.pdf News Release 9899-12 Cal Poly Pomona Receives Biomedical Research Award
R9899-05.pdf News Release 9899-05 Major Gift Helps Fund Cal Poly Pomona Rain Bird BioTrek Project
R9899-04.pdf News Release 9899-04 Sun Microsystems Improves Computing for Cal Poly Pomona Students
R9899-03.pdf News Release 9899-03 NASA-JPL and Dryden Select Cal Poly Pomona as Business Incubator
R9899-02.pdf News Release 9899-02 Cal Poly Pomona Receives Major Gift from W. M. Keck Foundation
R9899-01.pdf News Release 9899-01 Cal Poly Pomona Mourns Leader in Landscape Architecture
R9798-26.pdf News Release 9798-26 Cal Poly Pomona Offers Art Exhibit on The Fragmented Body

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