ECE 204 ( Combinational Logic design)


Midterm 1 25%
Midterm 2 25%
Final 35%
Quizzes*/Assignments 15%
Total 100%
Week# Topic
1 Number Systems
Boolean Algebra
3 Simplification of Boolean Functions using Boolean identities.
Simplification of Boolean Functions using K-maps.
Analysis and design of combinational logic circuit/Midterm- I
6, 7, 8  Multiput -Output Combinational circuits, Design of binary adders, comparators, decoders, encoders, multiplexers,  and demultiplexers / Midterm II  
9, 10 Introduction to Verilog. Structural, Dataflow, and Dataflow Modeling. Verilog description of typical Combination circuits such as decoder, multiplexer, arithmetic circuits / Review.
11 Final Exam 
Text: Rafiquzzaman, M. "Fundamentals of Digital Logic and Microcomputer Design", 5th edition, 2005. Wiley ISBN; 0-471-72784-9