A Master of Public Administration Designed To Solve Problems

The program trains students to be leaders who will solve today’s critical social problems. It connects extensive research to real-world solutions to help graduates navigate a modern, interconnected socioeconomic and political environment. Students learn to demonstrate leadership while managing tough financial, leadership, human resource, and project/program management problems.

Graduation Cohort Rate Initially Enrolled Graduated within Degree Program Graduated 150% of degree program Graduated 200% of degree program Graduated to date
Number of Full/Part Time students in the SSY-5 Cohort 22 7 12 13 15
% of students in the SSY-5 Cohort ***/ 22 32% 55% 59% 68%

***/ the program does not make a distinction between full and part time. In a quarter –system, full time is 2 courses per quarter and part time is 1 course per quarter. Students typically take one or two courses each quarter.