We extend an invitation to you to apply for Cal Poly Pomona's annual QUEST summer transition program.


Quality Unites Engineering and Science Teams (QUEST) is a 4-week summer bridge program for incoming freshman students enrolling in engineering. It is a way for you to get your feet wet and experience college life before starting your first year at Cal Poly Pomona. You will learn about the campus and its resources, and take math and physics courses taught by college faculty. This learning experience is meant to simulate the pace of a college quarter system. With only 10 weeks to learn an entire subject’s worth of material, managing your time and learning how to balance your life in and outside of school is key. The program schedules an hour of study time each day, but it’s not enough to learn the material, finish homework and work on projects. For that reason, the program is structured so that you build a network of academic peers and establish lifelong relationships with like-minded people to study and work with.
QUEST Eligibility

  • Fall Math Eligibility for College algebra or above (MAT 105 Calculus track)
  • Admitted to Cal Poly Pomona for the Fall quarter
  • Must have applied to Maximizing Engineering Potential (MEP)

Faculty and Staff
QUEST personnel consist of Cal Poly Pomona mathematics and engineering faculty, MEP staff, and knowledgeable upper-division undergraduate engineering students who serve as academic facilitators.

More Than Studying

In addition to the mathematics and engineering courses, QUEST offers tours, field trips, academic advisement, college survival skills sessions, and Academic Excellence Workshops.


You will have the opportunity to attend QUEST for a small fee. In addition, a graphing calculator (TI-84+) is provided free to all participants. At the conclusion of the program, a stipend will be awarded to those who satisfactorily complete the program and enroll in Cal Poly Pomona. Participants must be US citizens or permanent residents to be eligible for the stipend.

QUEST 2014:

Please check back for updates on QUEST 2014.
For more information, please call the MEP office at 909.869.2482 or email us at: