Cal Poly Pomona


Scholars - Cohort 13




Ardehalli, Seyed Mehrdad

Seyed Mehrdad Ardehalli: A junior majoring in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Structural Design and Math. He will attain his Master's degree in Structural Engineering and then a Ph.D in Mathematics. He plans to teach Math at the university level and work as a Structural Engineer.

Mentor: Dr. Xudong Jia


Sevana Baghdasarian: Is a junior majoring in Chemical Engineering. Her research interests focus on modeling properties of biodiesel blends as well as packed bed adsorption of carbon dioxide. She plans to attain her Ph.D in Chemical or Nuclear Engineering. In addition, Sevanna is a member of Omega Chi Epsilon Honor Society and AlChE.

Mentor: Dr. Sabyasachi Sen

Rachelle Berry

Rachelle Berry: Is a senior acquiring a double major in Ethnic & Women's Studies and Sociology focusing on Feminist and Gender Issues. Her interest lie in domsetic violence, queer issues, and media representations. She will attain her Ph.D in Sociology.

Mentor: Dr. Faye Wachs

Veronica Carmona: Majors in Food and Nutrition Science witha Dietetic option. Her research interest focus on community nutrition, the prevalence of food insecurity among students and to improve health disparities. She will attain her Ph.D in Public Health Nutrition and also plans to become a Registered Dietitian to improve health disparities in U.S. minority populations.

Mentor: Dr. Bonny Burns-Whitmore


Andrew Chang

Andrew Chang: Majors in Pure Mathematics with an emphasis in Number Theory and Combinatorics (specifically Partitions and Divisors).

Mentor: Dr. Jenny Switkes

Kristin Dettmers

Kristin Dettmers: Is a sophomore majoring in Applied Mathematics. Her research involves comparing various methods of numerical integration. She will attain her Ph.D in Mathematics to teach at the university level.

Mentor: Dr. Jenny Switkes

Anthony Juarez

Anthony Juarez: Is a junior in Political Science whose research interest focuses on contemporary understanding of justice. He will attain joint Ph.D and JD degrees to eventually teach law.

Mentor: Dr. Jill Hargis

Elizabeth Kurzawinski

Elizabeth Kurzawinski: Is a third year Animal Science major who has a research focus on mastitis pathogens in dairy farms. Other areas of interest include wildlife, for which she will attain her Ph.D and hopes to maintain a wildlife preserve.

Mentor: Dr. Shelton Murinda

Wei Li

Wei Li: Is a third year student majoring in Environmeenal Biology. And she plans to attend Western University Pharmacy School.

Mentor: Dr. Steve Alas

Eva Lllamas

Eva Lllamas: Majors in Gender Ethnic and Multicultural Studies. She plans to attain a Master's in Public Administration before attaining a Ph.D in Women's Studies. Her career goal is to teach at university level in the area of Diability Advocacy.

Mentor: Dr. Brian Foster


Omar Mauricio: Is a senior Civil Engineering student interested in Structural design. He will be conducting research related to Earthquake Engineering and plans to pursue a Master's degree in Structural Engineering before completing his Ph.D in related fields.

Mentor: Dr. Felipe J. Perez

Chris Mihiar

Chris Mihiar: Is currently majoring in Economics with a minor in Mathematics. Having interests in Environmental Studies particularly water resource management and dam removal, he plans to attain his PhD. in Agriculture and Resource Economics. His career goals include teaching at the university level as well as environmental consulting for dam removal projects.

Mentor: Dr. Kristen Conway-Gomez

Christopher Ohara

Christopher Ohara: Is a third year Electronics and Computer Engineering with an emphasis on robotics. His current research combines engineering and robotics to improve the living standards of humanity. He will attain his Ph.D at Caltech.

Mentor: Dr. Thomas Theon

Elizabeth Reyna

Elizabeth Reyna: Is a third year Psychology major. She will acquire her Ph.D in Cognitive Psychology with an emphasis in memory and learning. She hopes to teach at college level and conduct research.

Mentor: Dr. Nicholas Von Glahn

Arle Rodriquez

Arle Rodriquez: Is a junior majoring in Civil Engineering. For graduate studies, his interests lie in water quality and management with an emphasis in structural design.

Mentor: Dr. Kenneth Lamb

Steven Segura

Steven Segura: Majors in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology. His areas of interest include Social Stratification and Inequalities. Steven will earn a doctorate in Social Science, and ultimately, serve the community through his research and influence in the formation of Public Policy.

Mentor: Professor Mike Chavez

Archibaldo Silva

Archibaldo Silva: A sophomore majoring in Psychology will attain his Ph.D in Social Psychology that investigates the impact of sexuality and immigration status on mate selection as well as long-term relationship formation. Other areas of particular interest include prison population, religion, race issues, queer studies and the psychology of politics.

Mentor: Dr. Anthony Ocampo

Ajay Singh

Ajay Singh: Is a third year student majoring in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Power Systems. He is interested in power generation, transmission as well green, sustainable energy. He plans to get his PhD. in Electrical Engineering or related fields.

Mentor: Dr. Vilupanur A. Ravi


AnnelieseTrujillo: Majors in Sociology while acting as Fundraiser coordinator for Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Sociology society. And Interns for the U.S. Department of Labor. She plans to acquire her Master's Degree in Leadership and Organizational Studies after which, completing her PhD. in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Mentor: Dr. Faye Wachs

Rachelle Webb

Rachelle Webb: Is a third year Psychology major. Her research interests lie in the effects of meditation on stress and productivity. She will attain her Ph.D in Psychology to conduct research within the fields of cognitive neuroscience and positive psychology. Currently, Rachelle is a member of the Kellogg Honors College, Psi Chi International Honor Society for Psychology, and Sigma Kappa Sorority.

Mentor: Dr. Mary Y. Danico