Cal Poly Pomona

Scholars - Cohort 12

Patricia Amoroto

Patricia Amoroto: Majors in Gender, Ethnic and Multicultural Studies with an emphasis on Women's Studies.  Her interests include issues in education and agriculture that affect women. She plans to pursue a PhD that merges both fields.

Mentor: Dr. Jocelyn Pacleb

Claudia Bracamontes

Claudia Bracamontes: Is a Chemical Engineering student concentrating on nanotechnology for environmental applications. Her motivation stems from an interest in the potential of nanoparticles for water treatment. She will attain her PhD in Chemical Engineering or related fields to become a University Professor.

Mentor: Dr. Tanya Faltens

Amber Butcher

Amber Butcher: A senior in Geological Sciences having research projects in Aeolian processes on Mars, Coastal Geomorphology and Seismology in Costa Rica. Her interests lie in Geophysics, Seismology and Seismic Hazard Analysis. She plans to pursue a PhD in Geophysics and become a professor.

Mentor: Dr. Jeff Marshall

Benjamin Clarke

Benjamin Clarke: As a senior Psychology student is interested in the emotional processes and interactions that take place within the home domain. He currently researches the effects of commuting stress upon quality of life, and plans to pursue a PhD in clinical or counseling psychology.

Mentor: Dr. Juliana Fuqua


Jennifer Cryer: With double majors in Philosophy and Economics recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from Cal Poly Pomona. Her research focus combines political economy, ethics, and market analysis. Next Fall, she will act as a Judicial Fellow within the C.S.U.S. Capitol Felllowship Program. Using her undergraduate thesis to highlight the issues of regulatory oversight in electronic trading, she will attain a PhD in Economics.

Mentor: Dr. Lynda M. Rush

Marques Dickson

Marques Dickson: Double majors in English Literature and Business Finance. His research interests include queer performativity, masculinity and cultural signifiers. He is fascinated with social constructionism. He is interested in pursuing a PhD in the social sciences and enjoys writing poetry in his spare time.

Mentor: Dr. Patricia De Freitas

Joel: Espinoza

Joel: Espinoza: A Cal Poly Pomona Bachelors degree graduate in Urban and Regional Planning is interested in social phenomena and sustainable practices. He hopes to earn an advanced degree in Social Sciences discipline, which will allow him serve the people of California through Public Policy. His interests include traveling, foreign languages, analyzing various cultures, and politics.

Mentor: Dr. Gwen Urey

Alexander Gutierrez

Alexander Gutierrez: Is a Computer Science student nearing completion of his Bachelors degree. His interest entails working with artificial intelligence and its applications in robotics. After recently completing a year of work at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory developing a centralized application for spacecraft command dictionary management, Alexander has decided to pursue a PhD in Computer Science and a career in robotics artificial intelligence research and development.

Mentor: Dr. Amar Raheja

Natalie Hewko

Natalie Hewko: As a fourth year English Literature student focusing on Twentieth Century American Literature currently researches early American novelsand has presented her work at then historic teaching institution, Hunter College, New York. She is working towards a PhD in English Literature.

Mentor: Dr. Andrew I. Moss

Deandre KIng

Deandre KIng: Currently works with his mentor and Biology Professor, Dr. Voss in conducting  research of electrophysiology on muscle membranes. His research guaranteed his McNair Scholar  Cohort selection and subsequently as Co-President of the cohort. His plans entering the field of  medicine once completing the McNair Scholar Research Program.

 Mentor: Dr. Andrew Voss

Ida Legesse

Ida Legesse: Recently graduated with her B.A. in Political Science. Her research interests lie in the Nonprofit Sector. This Fall, she will be pursuing her Master's in Public Policy at USC.

 Mentor: Dr. Renford Reese

Victoria Pantoja

Victoria Pantoja: Is a senior graduating with a B.A. in Anthropology. She is interested in the conservation and cognition of primates, and hopes to pursue her PhD in these subjects the near future.

Mentor: Dr. Jill C. Wenrick

Jena Portanova

Jena Portanova: Graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in Botany. Her interests lie in plant metabolites and their various uses, with a specific interest in their production of medicinally useful compounds. She will be pursuing her Masters at Cal Poly Pomona this Fall.

Mentor: Dr.Edward Bobich

Krisha Pruhs

Krisha Pruhs: A fourth year student majoring in Anthropology, after graduate school plans working as an Environmental Anthropologist focusing on ecofeminism, and climate change while educating the public and influencing policy.

Mentor: Dr. Dorothy Wills

Brian Ramirez

Brian Ramirez: Majors in Mechanical Engineering with research focus on the effects of proof testing on composite material under high temperature and steady load. His interests are in fracture and failure mechanics of composite materials. He plans to pursue a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and ultimately work for NASA.

Mentor: Dr. Mehrdad Haghi

Mianna Rodriquez

Mianna Rodriquez: Graduated majoring in Anthropology and is continuing her education with a Master's in Bioarchaeology at San Francisco State University. And upon completion, she will attain a  PhD towards her career interests in applied Anthropology.

Mentor: Dr. Mark Allen

Sarah Saleemi

Sarah Saleemi: Is a Senior Zoology student with an emphasis in popultion dynamics and gene flow. She plans to pursue her PhD in biological science and become a professor.

Mentor: Dr. Joan Leong

Diana Valadez

Diana Valadez: A graduate in Anthropology emphasizing in Cultural Resource Management is interested in Archaeology of Mesoamerica and North America; settlement patterns; and anthropological theory. She is attending Cal State Northridge for the Public Archaeology program and hopes to acquire a doctorate for a career in academia.

 Mentor: Dr. Mark Allen

Gabriella Vargas

Gabriella Vargas: Is a senior Psychology student interested in Social Psychology. Her present research focuses on rejection in social interactions and whether or not people perceive themselves as feeling rejected. In the future she plans to pursue a PhD in social psychology to become a professor.

Mentor: Dr. Nancy Alvarado

Joshua Wilson

Joshua Wilson: Is a senior Chemical Engineering student interested in researching topics related to hydrogen energy and carbon dioxide capture. His will obtain a PhD in Chemical Engineering to teach as a University professor.

Mentor: Dr. Mingheng Li

Ellie Wood

Ellie Wood: Is a senior, double majoring in Ethnic &Women's Studies and Sociology student focusing on feminist and gender variant issues. Her interests lie in community education and support as well as development of feminist and gendered identities. Ellie hopes to work for organization that work for the support of the homeless, elderly, and LGBTQ folks.

Mentor: Dr. Faye Linda Wachs

Jessica Yang

Jessica Yang: Is a senior Gender, Ethnicity and Multicultural Studies (GEMS) student interested in the factors of formation and changes of identity. Jessica will use the pedagogy of the GEMS curriculum to pursue her PhD in Clinical Psychology. She hopes to become a professor and practitioner.

Mentor: Dr. Gilbert Cadena