Cal Poly Pomona

Scholars - Cohort 11

Amy Arambulo

Amy Arambulo: A Psychology major has a minor in Women's Studies. She will obtain her Ph.D in Sociology specializing in the areas of gender and sexuality. Her career goal is to teach at the university level.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Mary K. Y. Danico

Christa Argueta

Christa Argueta: Is an Apparel Merchandising and Management major with a sub-plan in apparel production. She will pursue a PhD that combines her interests in textiles and international business.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Peter Kilduff

Shelley Bruce

Shelley Bruce: Is a senior double major in Gender, Ethnic and Multicultural Studies and Fine Art. She plans to graduate Spring 2011, gain her MFA in Studio Art and ultimately acquire a PhD in Religious/Spiritual Studies in relation to arts and culture.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Patricia A. de Freitas

Erica Libiar Estrada

Erica Libiar Estrada: Is a double major in Psychology and Gender, Ethnic and Multicultural Studies (GEMS) with emphasis on Chicano-Latino studies. She plans to obtain a PhD in Psychology and hopes to ultimately conduct research, teach at the university level, and run her own private practice.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Nicholas R. Von Glahn

Julia Gimeno

Julia Gimeno: Is a senior majoring in Psychology. She will pursue her doctoral degree in Comparative Psychology to analyze animal behavior or animal assisted therapy that benefits individuals suffering from anxiety-spectrum disorders.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Faye L. Wachs and Dr. Aubrey H. Fine

Hannah Krebs

Hannah Krebs: As a senior in Psychology focusing on Social Psychology, Hannah's interest lie in emotional regulation on how it affects human resilience and psychological health. she palns to pursue a PhD in Social Psychology and become a professor.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Faye L. Wachs

Alexander Ly

Alexander Ly: Alex is a Chemical Engineering sudent with a double minor in Materials Engineering and Mathematics. He plans on obtaining a PhD in Materials Engineering with a focus on high-temperature corrosion prevention.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Vilupanur A. Ravi

Jimmy Ly

Jimmy Ly: Jimmy is a senior aspiring to obtain a Doctorate Degree in Urban Planning with an emphasis on transporation planning as a tool for social and environmental justice as well neighborhood revitalization.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Gwen Urey

Juan Moreira

Juan Moreira: Juan is a Mechanical Engineering student at Cal Poly Pomona. As a tutor, he has gained interest in both teaching and researching at the university level. His educational goals are to obtain a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Fluid Mechanics.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Vilupanur A. Ravi

Jessica Christine Moronez

Jessica Christine Moronez: Majoring in Sociology with a minor in Women and Gender Studies, she plans to earn a PhD in Sociology with a concentration on Gender.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Anjana Narayan

Carolina Nuno

Carolina Nuno: Is a senior Psychology major. She plans pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Social Psychology and hopes to conduct research on prejudice and discrimination related to gender, ethnicity and persons who speak English as a second language.


Faculty mentor: Dr. Bettina Casad

Ijeoma Onuoha

Ijeoma Onuoha: Is a senior majoring in Landscape Architecture with a minor in Regenerative Studies and she plans to pursue an advanced degree in Urban Sustainability.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Kyle D. Brown

Vanessa Reynaga

Vanessa Reynaga: Majors in History and she plans to obtain a PhD in History, conduct research and teach at the university level.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Georgia A. Mickey

Christopher Rios

Christopher Rios: Majors in Industrial-organizational Psychologyand plans to pursue a PhD in Industrial-organzational Psychology to become a working professional in the field.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Nancy Alvarado

Stephanie Stoeppler

Stephanie Stoeppler (Late): Stephanie is an Animal Science major who plans obtaining an M.D. to specialize in Pediatric Genetics and Rheumatology. Her outside hobbies include rock climbing, hiking and engaging in heated political debates. She will be remembered for her sense of humor, love for animals and upbeat personality.

Faculty mentor: Dr. A. Kristopher Lappin

Brian Turner

Brian Turner: Brian is a Kinesiology major who plans to pursue a doctorate degree in Integrative Physiology to conduct research on thermoregulation and exercise metabolism.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Bulent Sokmen

Mai Vang

Mai Vang: An Apparel Merchandising and Management major, Mai plans to attend graduate school to accomplish her lifelong goal of teaching.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Muditha Senanayake

Stephanie Wong: Stephanie is an Animal Science major with a minor in Chemistry. She is a first generation college student who plans to receive her Pharmacology Degree and pursue a career in it.

Faculty mentor: Dr. Michael F.Z. Page