Cal Poly Pomona

Scholars - Cohort 10

Andrea Aoun

Andrea Aoun: Andrea aspires to attain her Ph.D. in health psychology. Her dream is to open a non-profit organization in a foreign country where assistance is greatly needed.

Mentor: Dr. Lori Baker


Nicole Berry

Nicole Berry: Nicole, an animal science major, plans to obtain the dual degrees of D.V.M. and Ph.D. with an emphasis in chemistry and applications in veterinary medicine.

Mentor: Dr. Francis X. Flores

Raul Bravo: Raul is a gender ethnic and multicultural studies major with an emphasis in Chicano studies. He is a first-generation college student and intends to pursue a doctoral degree in Chicano studies.

Mentor: Dr. Gilbert R. Cadena

Robert Cole

Robert Cole: Robert is a communications major with a political science minor. He plans to pursue a degree in film, which will allow him to showcase social issues by telling the stories of those who cannot share their own stories.

Mentor: Dr. Jane R. Ballinger


Ashely Faye Dranell

Ashely Faye Dranell: Ashley is a first generation college student, majoring in history with an emphasis in East Asia, and a minor in Asian-American studies. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Southeast Asian history, in an effort to conduct further research on the ancient Khmer.

Mentor: Dr. Georgia A. Mickey

Cathryn Angela DeGuzman

Cathryn Angela DeGuzman: Cathryn is a biological science major whose aspiration is to receive a dual M.D./Ph.D. in family medicine. Her goal is to educate her patients about preventative care, and she hopes to open a clinic to help the under served, low-socioeconomic community.

Mentor: Dr. Robert J. Talmadge

Ashely Faytol

Ashely Faytol: Ashley is a first generation college student, majoring in psychology and GEMS with an emphasis in women's studies. She plans to pursue her Ph.D. in social psychology.

Mentor: Patricia A. de Freitas

Manuel Flores

Manuel Flores: As a first generation pre-med senior in the biological sciences, Manuel plans to pursue his M.D. and Ph.D. with a respective emphasis in pediatrics and diabetes treatment. He wishes to go back to his community to help open doors for a better future.

Mentor: Dr. Hossein Ahmadzadeh

Luis R. Garcia

Luis R. Garcia: Majoring in psychology with a minor in art history, Luis intends to pursue a doctorate degree in psychology with a focus on art therapy. Luis hopes to continue working in communities of color in limiting the spread of the HIV virus and providing psychiatric services.

Mentor: Dr. James W. Sturges

Jessica Kizer

Jessica Kizer: Jessica is a fourth year sociology major with a minor in Spanish. Her research interests lie in racial/ethnic identity especially multiracial/hybrid identities. Her educational and career goals are to earn a Ph.D. in sociology and become a professor.

Mentor: Mary Yu Danico

William Liang

William Liang: Majoring in biotechnology with an emphasis in microbiology and minor in chemistry, William intends to pursue a pharmacy degree from University of Southern California.

Mentor: Dr. Shantanu Sharma

Richard Liu

Richard Liu: Richard, a history major and the ASI president of Cal Poly, Pomona, plans to graduate with double B.A. degrees in history and economics with a minor in philosophy. He will obtain a J. D. degree in law from Harvard University.

Mentor: Mahmood A. Ibrahim

Trang Lu

Trang Lu: Trang is majoring in fine arts and biotechnology with a minor in chemistry. After high school, he worked in the entertainment industry for a few years, modeling 3D characters and creating animation. He is currently working on his biotechnology curriculum and expects to graduate and earn both degrees in Spring 2009. He plans to enter medical school and pursue his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees, specializing in emergency medicine.

Mentor: Dr. Jill Adler-Moore

Isai Orozco

Isai Orozco: Isai is a liberal studies major with an emphasis in English who is going to obtain a doctorate in linguistics. In the future, he will become a professor and conduct research on language attrition, language conflicts, and teaching English as a second language.

Mentor: Dr. Karen A. Russikoff

Roger Rojas

Roger Rojas: Roger is a behavioral science major with a minor in criminology. His goal is to receive a Ph.D. in sociology and do research in gender studies.

Mentor: Dr. Faye L. Wachs

Phi Su:

Phi Su: Phi is a double major in sociology and gender, ethnic, and multicultural studies with an emphasis in Asian-American studies. She plans to obtain a Ph.D. in sociology and hopes to ultimately conduct research and teach at the university level.

Mentor: Dr. Mary K. Danico

Margarita M. Villarreal

Margarita M. Villarreal: Majoring in anthropology with an emphasis in cultural resource management and a minor in international studies, Maggie intends to pursue a doctoral degree in anthropology with a concentration in forensic anthropology.

Mentor: Dr. David G. Lord

Patrick Williams

Patrick Williams: Patrick is a computer science major. Once graduated, he plans on obtaining his Ph.D. and conducting a research on human computer interaction.

Mentor: Dr. Amar Raheja

Anna Zelaya

Anna Zelaya: Anna is a first generation college student majoring in environmental biology with an emphasis in microbiology. She plans to pursue a doctorate in environmental microbiology. Her career goal is to perform bioremediation research.

Mentor: Dr. Wei-Jen Lin