All department colloquium will be held in room 156 (building 8) from 12:05pm-12:50pm, unless announced otherwise.  Refreshments will be served at 12:00 noon.  Please address any colloquium-related questions to the department colloquium committee (Dr. Switkes or Dr. Mihaila). Please click on the titles to read an abstract of the presentation.

Fall Quarter '03
October 2
Dr. Art Benjamin, Harvey Mudd College, " The Best Way to Knock'em Down "
October 16
Dr. Olga Korosteleva, CSU Long Beach, " The Spread of Branching Diffusion Under Stabilizing Drift "
October 23
Dr. John de Pillis, UC Riverside, " How Graphics Illuminate Deep Ideas of Mathematics "
October 30
Dr. Mario Martelli, Claremont McKenna College, " La Cupola di Santa Maria del Fiore "
November 13
Dr. Alan Krinik and Carrie Mortensen, Cal Poly Pomona, " Transient Probability Functions of Birth-Death Processes "
Winter Quarter '04
February 2
Dr. Amy H. Lin, San Francisco State University, " A Model of Tumor and Lymphocyte Interactions "
February 5
Dr. Hubertus von Bremen, USC, " Efficient and Accurate Methods for Computing Lyapunov Characteristic Exponents "
February 12
Mr. James P. Peirce, UC Davis, " An 'Average' Approach to Fluid Dynamics "
February 16
Ms. Borislava Gutarts, UCLA, " The Inverse Scattering Problem in Anisotrophic Media "
February 19
Dr. Don Saari, UC Irvine " Election Time! - Will We Elect Whom We Really Want?"
Spring Quarter '04
April 8
Dr. Bogdan Suceava, CSU Fullerton, "Chen's Fundamental Inequalities in Submanifold Geometry"
April 15
Dr. Greisy Winicki-Landman, Cal Poly Pomona, "Proof and Problem Posing about Periodic Functions"
April 22
Dr. William Murray, CSU Long Beach, "The Mathematics of Juggling"
April 29
Dr. Janet Beery, " Thomas Harriot's Treatise on Figurate Numbers, Finite Differences,
and Interpolation Formulas"
May 6
Dr. Darryl Yong, Harvey Mudd College, "Solitary waves in heterogeneous elastic materials"
May 13
Dr. Cindy Wyels, Cal Lutheran, "Accessible Questions in Pebbling and Pegging"
May 20
Dr. Serban Raianu, CSU Dominguez Hills, "Calculus and Planimeters"
May 27
Dr. Amber Rosin, Cal Poly Pomona, "The Mathematics of Peg Solitaire"
June 3
Dr. Mason Porter, George Institute of Technology, "How Well Can Random Walkers Rank College Football Teams?"