Cal Poly Pomona

Department Colloquium Series 2008-2009

All department colloquium will be held in room 3-1616 (building 3) from 12:05pm-12:50pm, unless announced otherwise.  Refreshments will be served at 12:00 noon.  Please address any colloquium-related questions to the department colloquium committee (Dr. Joe Latulippe or Dr. Jenny Switkes).   

   Fall Quarter '08
 Oct. 9

 Dr. Dragomir Saric, Queens College, CUNY.

"The Mapping Class Group Cannot Be Realized by Homeomorphisms"

 Oct. 23

 Melissa Bilbao, Cal Poly Pomona, CA.

"The Effects of Maternal Age on the Prevalence of Autism"

 Oct .31

 Dr. Daryl Daley, Center for Mathematics and Applications, Australian National University,

"What is so Special About a Point Process?"

(This is a special talk scheduled on Friday 3-4pm in Room 3-1623)

 Nov. 6

 Konrad Aguilar, Cal Poly Pomona, CA.

"Pricing Call Options Under the Binomial Model"

 Nov. 20

 Dr. Chris Mun, Cal Poly Pomona, CA. Postponed due to

College of Science Distinguished Teaching Award Seminar

 Dec. 4

 Dr. Dagan Karp, Harvey Mudd College, CA.

"An Introduction to Quantum Geometry"

   Winter Quarter '09
 Jan. 22

 Dr. Adolfo Rumbos, Pomona College, CA.

"Periodic solutions to a piece-wise linear second order ordinary differential equation"

 Feb. 5

 Dr. Phillip Kisunzu, University of Illinois.

"Learning Mathematics with an Attitude: Feeling, Perception, Belief, Expectancy, or Mathematical Dispositions?"

(Talk scheduled on Thurday 12:05-12:50pm in Room 8-156)

 Feb. 10

 Dr. Carla Gerberry, Purdue University.

"Participation in cooperative groups and self-efficacy beliefs of females in mathematics"

(Talk scheduled on Tuesday 12:05-12:50pm in Room 8-156)

 Feb. 12

 Dr. Josh Chesler, University of Arizona.

"What Is Algebra? Views of mathematicians, mathematics educators, and teachers"

(Talk scheduled on Thursday 12:05-12:50pm in Room 8-156)

 Feb. 16

 Dr. Jana Talley, University of Oklahoma.

“Instructor Responses to Prior Knowledge Errors Made by Calculus Students”

(Talk scheduled on Monday 12:05-12:50pm in Room 3-1639)

 Feb. 18

 Dr. Stan Yoshinobu, California State University, Dominguez Hills.

“Inquiry-Based Learning, Professional Development, and Instructor Change”

(Talk scheduled on Wednesday 12:05-12:50pm in Room 3-1639)

 Feb. 19

 Dr. Drew Ishii, Whittier College.

“Mathematical Communication in the Classroom”

(Talk scheduled on Thursday12:05-12:50pm in Room 8-156)

 March. 5

 Dr. Jason Wilson, Biola University, CA.

“How can we use a recent biotechnology to select the best genes? An application of mathematics and statistics”

   Spring Quarter '09
 Apr. 9

 Dr. Michael Orrison, Harvey Mudd College, CA.

“Algebraic Voting Theory”

 Apr. 23

 Christine Latulippe, Cal Poly Pomona, CA.

“Thinking About Number Sense and Computational Estimation”

 Apr. 23


 ****Postponed to a later date****

Dr. Robert Rovetti, Loyola Marymount, CA.

“The Game of Life (and Sudden Death): Predicting Cardiac Instabilties with Stochastic Cellular Automata”

 May. 7

 Alice Stevens, UC Davis, CA.

“Equivalence for knots in Heegaard surfaces”

 May 8

 Dr. Colleen Kirk, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA

“A Nonlinear Integral Equation Model with Analytical and Numerical Results”

(This is a special talk scheduled on Friday 3:30-4:30pm)

 May 21

 William L. Taber, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CA.

“The Mathematics of Software Bugs”

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