How to Prepare

All students in the graduate program must successfully complete MAT 511 (Real Analysis I). Consequently, it is in an applicant's best interest to have completed upper-division undergraduate Mathematics courses equivalent to MAT 310 (Basic Set Theory and Logic), MAT 314 (Intermediate Analysis I), and MAT 315 (Intermediate Analysis II).

For descriptions of courses offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, see the university catalog.

To be prepared for our graduate program, it is recommended that students complete at least the following courses (or their equivalents), based on choice of emphasis:

  • Pure Mathematics: MAT 314, MAT 315, MAT 417, MAT 418 and MAT 428.
  • Applied Mathematics: MAT 314, MAT 315, MAT 401, and MAT 431.
  • Statistics: MAT 314, MAT 315, STA 241, and STA 326 or STA 341.
  • Mathematics Education: MAT 314, MAT 315, MAT 417, MAT 418 and MAT 428.
Note: Completion of the above courses is not required for admission to the program, but it is recommended.

Work experience and undergraduate course work may be taken into account by the Graduate Committee for credit towards the admission of an applicant.

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