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Fall Quarter 2014

Date and Time Location Speaker and Title
October 8, Wednesday,
Room 3-1639 Student Talks: Grace Lim and Aaron Gaut, Cal Poly Pomona, Applied Mathematics and CS
"MIT Summer Research Program: Swimming of Cells (pdf) and Text recognition through computational topology" (pdf)
October 15, Wednesday,
Room 3-1639 Prof. Daryl J. Daley, University of Melbourne, Australia
"Epidemic modelling: measles, dengue fever, ebola, . . " (pdf)
October 22, Wednesday,
Room 3-1639 Prof. Adam King, Mathematics and Statistics, Cal Poly Pomona
"DNA Evidence, Conditional Probability, and The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy" (pdf)
November 10, Monday,
Room 8-4 Prof. Tommy Dreyfus, Tel Aviv University, School of Education, "How can we know whether it is a proof?" (pdf)

November 19, Wednesday,

Room 3-2643

Dr. Guillermo Reyes, Mathematics, USC, "Degenerate diffusion in heterogeneous porous media with vanishing viscosity" (pdf)
Dec. 3, Wednesday,
Room 3-1639 Prof. Mohammed Omar, Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College, "TBA"

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