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  • Khemosabi Collection
  • Joseph S. "Jay" Meyers Collection


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    Apr 7, 2013: CBS Sunday Morning, "Almanac: Birth of a Breakfast Cereal King" (about W.K. Kellogg)

    Jan 8, 2013: PolyCentric, "The Day Huell Howser Found Cal Poly Pomona" (see Huell Howser on a CP Arabian!)

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    Nov/Dec 2012: WestWays, "Horse Sense: Cereal Tycoon W.K. Kellogg’s Arabian Horse Ranch in Pomona"

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    Sept 19, 2012: PolyCentric, "Basic Equitation Class"

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    Apr 26, 2012: Spring 2012 Check It Out, "W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library Opens," "Friends Enjoy Treasures of the Arabian Horse Collection"

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    Feb 1, 2012: PolyCentric, "Arabian Horse Library Opens to Public"

    Nov 28, 2011: Cal Poly Pomona President's Video Update

    Nov 19, 2011: Horsetalk, "New Arabian Horse Library Officially Opened"

    Nov 18, 2011: PolyCentric, “Arabian Horse Library Ties Past with Present”

    Nov 16, 2011: Fall 2011 Check It Out, "W. K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library Update," "WKKAHL Ribbon Cutting and Reception"

    Nov 15, 2011: Poly Post, "Arabian Horse Collection Opens at University Library"

    Nov 9, 2011: W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library Ribbon Cutting Video (Full Event / Highlights)

    Aug 23, 2011: Horsetalk, "Exciting Future for Arabian Horse Collection"

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    Aug 15, 2011: PolyCentric, "Arabian Horse Collection Preparing for Show"

    Jun 8, 2011: Spring 2011 Check It Out (University Library Newsletter), "Meet Katherine “Kat” Staab," "A New Home for the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library"

    Jan 18, 2011: Poly Post, "Arabian Horse Library Soon to House Collection"

    Jul 28, 2010: Horsetalk, "Arabian Horses a Living Reminder of Remarkable Man"

    Jul 30, 2001: PolyCentric, "University Notes Historical Moment at Mansion Stables"

    Jul 13, 2001: LA Times, "Horse Lovers Head for the Shrine"

    For more information on our custom entrance sculpture, please visit J. Anne Butler's website


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    Mary Jane Parkinson signs books at the Ribbon Cutting of the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library, November 2011

    Jim McHale, of the Kellogg Foundation, speaking at the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library Ribbon Cutting, November 2011, with Library Dean Ray Wang and University President Michael Ortiz

    Katherine Staab, Arabian Horse Subject Specialist