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Abraham Kaplan Collection dropshadow

Correspondence, articles, lectures, speeches, book manuscripts, subject files, notes, and printed matter pertaining to the writings and academic career of philosopher and educator Abraham Kaplan (1918-1993).

Cal Poly Rose Float Collection

1997 Rose FloatFiles, photographs, negatives, and memorabilia relating to the Cal Poly Rose Float Project's operations and activities dating from September 1948. Also included are Tournament of Roses Parade Programs back to 1912 (some years are missing).

Caterpillar Tractor Photographs

Cal Poly Pomona's collection of antique Caterpillar Tractor photographs.

Douglass Adair Collection

Image of Douglass Adair.Douglass Adair is a member of the United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO. The collection was donated by Douglass Adair to preserve the many documents and artifacts that he collected while he was involved with union activities during the late 60’s to the early 80’s.

Envisioning the Future Collection

Photographs, emails, letters, sketches, programs, statements, and a DVD documenting the Envisioning the Future Project in Pomona (2003-04) involving Judy Chicago, Donald Woodman, and other artists.

First Edition Collection First editions of selected selected British and American authors.

Hilda Solis Collection

An image of Hilda SolisThe Hilda Solis Congressional Collection contains material donated from Solis's El Monte District office. The Collection contains an assortment of materials that document and give insight into Solis's years as a United States Congresswoman. The Collection features hours of video footage of Solis speaking before Congress legislative files, artifact, newspaper clippings,and other materials that illustrate Congresswoman Solis's concerns and causes, and her enduring connection to her community.

Humphrey Mycology Collection Over 300 titles relating to fungi and botany.
John Gill Modern Poetry Collection

Almost two thousand volumes of world poetry, many from small presses, with particular strength in twentieth-century American poets.

Kennedy Collection

John F Kennedy and Robert F KennedyNumerous newspaper articles, magazines, certificates, and more, eulogizing the years of the John F. Kennedy Presidential administration. Included are items that precede Kennedy’s election and items referring to his assassination and the aftermath.

League of Women Voters of East San Gabriel Valley Collection

League of Women VotersA unique record of political activity by women in the East San Gabriel Valley covering a span of almost 50 years, from 1956 to 2005..

Los Robles Horticulture Club Collection

Los Robles Horticulture Club LogoThe Los Robles Horticulture Club is one of the oldest clubs at Cal Poly Pomona founded in 1940 for students who have a common interest in the art of gardening. This collection contains club minutes from the late 1980’s to the early 2000’s, pictures of club events, newspapers and magazine articles, club member information and framed certificates from the 1960’s.

National Model United Nations

The National Model United Nations Collection features files, nmun iconphotographs, awards and artifacts from the Model United Nations program at Cal Poly Pomona.

Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers

The office of Student Life and Cultural Centers (OSLCC) works as a department of the Cal Poly Pomona Division of Student Affairs. This collection was created to allow moreimage of two hands shaking one another room in the OSLCC file cabinets. The collection includes over 150 clubs, councils, associations, teams, societies,sororities, and fraternities at Cal Poly Pomona, within the folders there are originals and copies of by-laws, lists of officers, rechartering applications, flyers and other paperwork pertaining to OSLCC and the many student organizations at Cal Poly Pomona.

Pomona Fox Theater Reopening Collection

The Pomona Fox Theater first opened in 1931 and has had a rocky history. It was shut down in 2001. But finally after a 10 million dollar renovation it proudly re-opened its doors on April 18, 2009.

Robert Lawrence Balzer Collection

Etruscan wine chaliceExtensive artifacts and other documentation of Balzer’s remarkable life in wine, and of his careers as a wine journalist and wine educator. Balzer is recognized for having had an enormous impact on the California wine industry, and on the acceptance of California wines worldwide.

United Farm Workers Clippings Collection

united farm workers logoThousands of newspaper clippings on topics of importance to the United Farm Workers (UFW) as well as press releases, artifacts, and ephemera.

University Archives

Materials relating to the history and development of the University: photographs, scrapbooks, oral history recordings, old booksmemorabilia, yearbooks, campus newspapers and other campus publications.

The University Archives also includes in-depth collections on the Academic Senate, Athletics Department, Cal Poly Women's Club Collection, Student Wives Club/Poly-Annas Collection, the student underground newspaper Low, Los Robles student club, the 50th Anniversary and Founder's Day celebrations, the Voorhis School for Boys and the Voorhis Family and the Donald Pflueger Collection..

Virginia Hamilton Adair Collection

Correspondence, articles, book manuscripts, young Virginia Adair portraitsubject files, notes, printed matter, and realia pertaining to the writings of Cal Poly Pomona Professor Emerita and noted poet Virginia Hamilton Adair (1913-2004)

Willard D. Straight Papers Collection

The availability of these papers in the west coast should prove beneficial to students and scholars interested in the history of early twentieth century American foreign policy (including policy toward Latin America), Progressivism in the United States, the administrations of Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson, the US involvement in World War I, and the development of opinion journalism in the United States.

Wine and Wine Industry Collection

This collection contains materials relating to the history and development of the wine industry in Southern California and also worldwide. It includes many books, photographs, ephemera and artifacts.

The World Menu Collection

Picture of a menuThis collection of menus comes from around the world and a wide variety of restaurants, from three stars restaurants in Paris, France to more humble corner restaurants in the United States. The menus were collected during the world travels of Ken Bennett and Richard Wagner from 1979-1984.


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