Remote Access to Databases - FAQ

How can I get remote access to the Databases from the Databases Page?

When you first try to connect to a database you will be asked for your name, Bronco number, and Library PIN .If you do not have a Library PIN you can assign yourself one from the authentication screen. You will need to enter it twice. Follow the steps described to obtain a Library PIN number.

I'm being asked for a "password" when I click on the database.  Where can I get the password?

When a database asks you for a "password", most likely the remote database server is having some difficulty: it could be down, run out of access ports, or having other difficulties.

A good way to check if the problem is with the database vendor is to try accessing several of the other databases listed on the page.  If you can access other databases without any difficulty, try clearing your cache. If you still cannot access, then the problem could be with the remote database server that you are attempting to access.  In that case the best thing to do is to try the database again later. The people running the remote database server will eventually correct the problem. Note that we have no control over the remote database servers.

I get a message like "All Ports in Use" or "Maximum number of sessions in use" when I click on a database and I don't get into the database. What happened?

Some of the products we offer have limited capacity to host a large number of sessions. If too many people are using the databases at the same time, then anyone attempting to access the database is turned away. Try again later, in the hopes that fewer people are using the database when you attempt to get access.

If after reading this FAQ, you are still having difficulty, email Library Systems or submit a Help Form