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Judicial Affairs

The Office of Judicial Affairs investigates campus-related complaints and charges against students involving violations of campus regulations. Judicial Affairs also assists students, faculty, staff, administrators and community members in locating, interpreting and applying campus policies and regulations and laws applicable to students.

Cal Poly Pomona attempts to resolve a complaint or grievance at the lowest possible level and to encourage the informal resolution of such matters. Grievances or complaints should be initiated at a time as close as possible after the event to assist in a fresh recollection of the facts and allow for the location of parties related to the matter.

Because of the diversity of possible student complaints and grievances on a campus as large and complex as Cal Poly Pomona, there are a variety of procedures to resolve them. Judicial Affairs analyzes the actual and perceived problems and explores alternative courses of action to alleviate or resolve them.

For additional information on these standards or the university’s disciplinary process, please contact Judicial Affairs.

Required: Academic dishonesty reporting

All academic dishonesty cases that occur in the classroom shall be handled by a faculty member. Additionally, after such action has been taken, the faculty member will need to complete an online incident report. After submission, a confirmation email will be sent.

Please click on the link to submit an academic integrity incident report:

For more information, review Executive Order 1073 (PDF) at the CSU Chancellor’s Office website.