Riverside AMS 2013

John A. Rock
Assistant Professor
Graduate Coordinator
Mathematics and Statistics
Cal Poly Pomona

Summer 2014: PUMP Summer Program
mass distribution on the Cantor Set
The first few stages in the construction of a multifractal distribution on the Cantor set.

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Email: jarock ~at~ csupomona ~dot~ edu
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Office Hours:
  • By appointment (over the summer)
My research interests include:
  • fractal geometry
  • dynamical systems
  • multifractal analysis
  • number theory
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Selected publications (on arXiv):

  • Partition zeta functions, multifractal spectra, and tapestries of complex dimensions (preprint), K. E. Ellis, M. L. Lapidus, M. C. Mackenzie, and J. A. Rock.
  • Multifractal analysis via scaling zeta functions and recursive structure of lattice strings (preprint), R. de Santiago, M. L. Lapidus, S. A. Roby, and J. A. Rock.
  • Box-counting fractal strings, zeta functions, and equivalent forms of Minkowski dimension (preprint), M. L. Lapidus, J. A. Rock, and D. Žubrinić.

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