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2006 IT Governance Annual Report
president's office
i&it division

Standards and Support Subcommittee


This committee serves as a recommending body and resource to the Information Technology Governance Executive Committee and will review campus support strategies and organization, and develop and prepare proposed standards for review and approval by the Executive Committee.

Members 2008-2009

  • Joe Matsumoto, Co-chair, Director, I&IT Systems, Instructional & Information Technology
  • Denny Mosier, Co-chair, Director, I&IT Support, Instructional & Information Technology
  • Al Arboleda, Information Security Officer, Instructional & Information Technology
  • Patricio Beltran, Information Systems Manager, Diversity, Human Resource & Employee Services Customer Service Center, Administrative Affairs
  • David Drivdahl, Systems Analyst, I&IT Systems, Instructional & Information Technology
  • Liliane Fucaloro, Chair/Professor, English & Foreign Languages, College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences, Academic Affairs
  • Kyu-Jing Kim, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Academic Affairs
  • Brian Lozada, Student Representative, Associated Students, Inc.
  • William Morschauser, Student Representative, Associated Students, Inc.
  • Sharon Hilles, Associate Dean, College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences, Academic Affairs
  • Chris Laasch, Information Technology Administrator, Student Affairs Information & Technology Services, Student Affairs
  • Tim Lockhart, Desktop & Systems Support Specialist, Administrative Affairs Information Systems, Administrative Affairs
  • Michelle Magcalas, Online Support Specialist, Public Affairs, University Advancement
  • Mandayam Srinivas, Associate Dean, College of Science, Academic Affairs
  • Kevin Morningstar, Executive Director, Student Affairs Technology Service, Student Affairs
  • Cordelia Ontiveros, Associate Dean, College of Engineering, Academic Affairs
  • Weiqing Xie, Professor, Mathematics & Statistics, College of Science, Academic Affairs

Charge for 2008-2009

The charge to Standards & Support for 2008-2009 is:

  • Climate Neutrality – Last year, the Executive Committee approved Standards & Support’s recommendation to support the university’s climate neutrality initiative through energy savings in end-user, server and network computing.  During this academic year, S&S intends to develop specific recommendations to achieve their goals of more energy efficient and environmentally responsible computing in the data center and throughout the university;
  • Where to Go for Help –The issue S&S wants to attack is the faculty and staff member’s dilemma of which help desk to use.  Currently, end users are going from one help desk to another on campus, sometimes shopping to find who will give them the answer or solution they like. There is a help desk in I&IT (The Cal Poly Pomona Help Desk).  Academic Affairs, Administrative Affairs and SAITs also have help desks. Standards & Support intends to develop a set of recommendations of where to go for which IT services and why;
  • Centralized vs. De-centralized IT Services – Delivering IT services centrally has the potential to drive efficiencies, but has to take into account broader requirements of the campus instead of focusing on a single area. Standards & Support will look at both new and existing IT services, assessing the merit of offering them centrally versus on an individual or departmental basis; and
  • Investigate Email hosting - Email hosting has become very popular within the CSU.  As we review our existing email implementation and evaluate an upgrade to MS Outlook 2007, we should evaluate the cost/benefits of having all or a subset of our email community hosted by a third party email provider.


2008-2009 Committee Recommendations

Where To Go For Help

Where to Go for Help Feb 09 (Word doc.)

Information Technology and Climate Neutrality

Climate-neutrality-20090318 (pdf)

Central Services Assessments

Central Services Recommendations-050109 (pdf)

Hosted Student Email

Hosted Student Email - Final Recommendations (PDF)

2007-2008 Committee Recommendations

Passwords and Pass Phrases

IT's Contribution to Climate Neutrality

Vista, Office 2007 Recommendations

Information Classification and Handling Standards

Principles of Best Practice



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