Cal Poly Pomona
2006 IT Governance Annual Report
president's office
i&it division

Executive Committee


The Executive Committee provides strategic direction and oversight. Reviews and approves IT projects that require significant resources or have substantial impact on the campus IT structure.

Membership for 2011-2012

  • John McGuthry, Committee Vice Chair and Chief Information Officer, Instructional & Information Technology
  • Lisa Alex, Academic Senate Chair and Professor, Chemistry Department, College of Science
  • Ed Barnes, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Administrative Affairs
  • Jarod Beekman, Associate Director of Networking and Telecommunications, I&IT Systems Department, Instructional & Information Technology
  • Marten denBoer, Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • Tony Espinas, Equipment Technician III, Apparel Merchandising & Management Department, College of Agriculture
  • Pulkit Jain, Associated Students Incorporated
  • Doug Freer, Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Ron Fremont, Associate Vice President, University Relations, University Advancement
  • Richard Lapidus, Dean, College of Business Administration
  • Dennis Miller, Director of Human Resources, Cal Poly Pomona Foundation
  • Lisa Rotunni, Executive Director of Institutional Research & Academic Resources, Academic Affairs
  • Michael Woo, Dean, College of Environmental Design
  • Teshia Young Roby, Assistant Professor, College of Education and Integrative Studies
  • Ertan Salik, Associate Professor, Physics Department, College of Science
  • Cassandra Reyes, Executive Assistant to the Chief Information Officer, Instructional & Information Technology (Administrative Support to the Committee)

2008-2009 Actions

Where To Go For Help

Where to Go for Help Feb 09 (Word doc.)

Information Technology and Climate Neutrality

Climate-neutrality-20090318 (pdf)

Central Services Assessments

Central Services Recommendations-050109 (pdf)

Information Security

Cal Poly Pomona Information Security Overview (MS Word)


Define Online & Hybrid and Ensure Mode is Visible at Registration (MS Word)

Hosted Student Email

Hosted Student Email - Final Recommendations (PDF)


Guidelines: Links from the Cal Poly Pomona home pages PDF | Word

2007-2008 Actions


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Desktop Security Standard and Guidelines

Guideline: Trademarks on the CPP Web (MS Word)

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Server and Network Security Standard and Guidelines

Checklist for Web Pages in the Domain

ECAR Study

Passwords and Pass Phrases

IT's Contribution to Climate Neutrality

Vista, Office 2007 Recommendations

Information Classification and Handling Standards

Clicker (Student Response System)

Faculty Laptop Program Assessment

Principles of Best Practice

Technology Literacy for Students

Information Items


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