Cal Poly Pomona
2006 IT Governance Annual Report
president's office
i&it division

Administrative Computing Subcommittee


In 2006-2007, Administrative Computing merged with the PeopleSoft Executive Committee.  Their charge is to set priorities for administrative computing projects, purchases, and systems development and develop overall strategy to support the administrative goals outlined by the IT Governance Executive Committee. 

Members 2008-2009

  • Debra Brum, Co-chair, Vice President, Instructional & Information Technology
  • Mauricio Calderon, Co-chair, Director, I&IT Applications and CMS Technical Director, Instructional & Information Technology
  • Ruth Carrington, Finance Systems Analyst Procurement and Asset Management, Administrative Affairs
  • Tracy Carter, Student Representative, Associated Students, Inc.
  • Sui Cheung, Analyst Programmer, Institutional Research, Assessment & Planning
  • Gerald Herder, Engineering Technology, College of Engineering, Administrative Affairs
  • Rose Kukla (Resource), Student System Administrator, Enrollment Services, Student Affairs
  • Darwin Labordo, Associate Vice President and Associate Chief Financial Officer, Finance and Administrative Services, Administrative Affairs
  • Zhongming Ma, Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems, College of Business Administration, Academic Affairs
  • Kevin Morningstar, Executive Director, Student Affairs Technology Service, Student Affairs
  • Claudia Pinter-Lucke, Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Studies
  • Kathy Street, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services, Student Affairs
  • Glendy Yeh, Executive Director, Information Systems, Administrative Affairs

Charge for 2008-2009

The charge to Administrative Computing for 2008-2009 is:

  • Investigate UDirect - UDirect is an application that can be used to create electronic individual study plans which would then assist students with planning their class schedules.  Additionally, this application can be helpful to departments to plan/anticipate the demand for classes;
  • BroncoDirect upgrade - BroncoDirect upgrade – This past year we upgraded the architecture for BroncoDirect (know as PeopleTools v8.49).  We now have the ability to upgrade the BroncoDirect application to version 9.0.  This upgrade will give us the ability to review and evaluate the functionality available with version 9.0.  We can look at providing additional services to students, faculty, and staff;
  • PeopleSoft Finance upgrade - PeopleSoft Finance upgrade – This project began in May and will conclude in February 2009.  This is a CMS mandated upgrade to remain current on Oracle supported products;
  • Data Warehouse upgrade and campus dashboards - Data Warehouse upgrade and campus dashboards – With the purchase of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), we have the ability to create a campus dashboard to monitor and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the campus;
  • Use of the Analysis Database - Use of the Analysis Database – This information will assist colleges in identifying groups of students based on selected criteria.  For example students who are at risk, students who are on academic probation, or students who are not maintaining an appropriate GPA for their required major;
  • Implement Waitlisting (in progress.  Go-Live: 10/27 for winter registration); and
  • Development of on-line registration for Open University students.

2008-2009 Committee Recommendations

Documents coming soon