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Welcome to I&IT Technical Support

Serving the university's students, faculty and staff, I&IT Support consists of a team of information technology professionals who provide the following services:

  • Assistance – basic and advanced end-user assistance with hardware, software and centralized information technology services in the form of walk-in, phone or email requests that may be handled quickly or require visits to faculty and staff work stations.
  • Communications – direction of I&IT division communications (internal and public affairs) and online, technical support documentation.
  • Information – public information for the campus community in the form of campus information (switchboard) operators.
  • Accessibility -- Coordinates compliance with the CSU's Accessible Technology Initiative.
  • Assessment -- Leads the I&IT division's assessment initiatives.

For I&IT Support's five-year strategic plan, click Strategic Plan   .

To learn how to access the Cal Poly Pomona Help Desk ticketing application, click here.

I&IT Support Personnel

  • Executive Director – Manages the staff, setting general strategic direction; manages daily tactical issues; manages major projects; provides administrative, business and technical leadership to the staff. Directs I&IT public affairs communications and I&IT division assessment initiatives.
  • Director, Support-- Manages the technical communications specialist, Instructional Technology, 2nd Tier and Instructional Equipment staffs. This position also is the university's accessible technology coordinator, who reviews electronic purchases for compliance the the CSU's Accessible Technology Initiative.
  • Help Desk Staff – Provides the university community with frontline computing support by responding to phone and email queries and walk-in visits from students, faculty, and staff. The Help Desk staff can initiate Cal Poly Pomona e-mail and other computer accounts, and answer general questions on Cal Poly Pomona-specific and standard desktop operating systems and applications software. Additionally, the Help Desk staff configures laptops for wireless access and administers software licensing.
  • 2nd Tier Support Staff – Provides end-user, technical support for the President's Office, University Advancement, the Collins College of Hospitality Management, the College of Education and Integrative Studies, central Academic Affairs, the College of Science, the College of Agriculture, the campus Library, the College of Environmental Design and portions of I&IT. This unit also supports specialized services such as the Mailman mailing list and why some outside electronic mailings are not reaching their intended campus recipient.
  • Instructional Technology Staff -- Supports users and equipment in computer labs
  • Instructional Equipment Staff -- Provides support to users of computer equipment in classrooms.
  • Classroom Technology Coordinator -- Designs and implements upgrades of smart classrooms and participates in the design of the classroom of the future.
  • Technical Communications Specialist - Writes, edits and publishes on-line documentation such as e-help.
  • Campus Information Operators - Provides answers to questions at the university's central switchboard and directs callers to the correct person or department.
  • Administrative Support Coordinators  – Assists director and staff with administrative functions.

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